maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Progress & photos

This weekend I finished painting on the shield Warriors unit and the Flame Cannon. I also started to work on the Thunderers by painting four of them ready, there's only another four to go next weekend.
Didn't make any progress on the movement trays as I couldn't find any spray :/ I'll see if I manage to visit a store at some point.
I attached photos of both the Cold One Chariot and the Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus that I wrote about earlier. Truly amazing!
The chariot is a High Elf chariot with a couple of Dark Elf shields on the flanks to make it look more sturdy, and of course there two Cold Ones in place of horses/lions. Dark Elf heads and torsos for the charioteers finished the model quite nicely :)
Then there's the Dreadlord. Just WOW! Shadowblade model with the long cloak traded for a pair of pegasus wings. Simple and classy. Clearly an Angel of Death! :D

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