maanantai 20. huhtikuuta 2015

Progress & photos

This weekend I finished painting on the shield Warriors unit and the Flame Cannon. I also started to work on the Thunderers by painting four of them ready, there's only another four to go next weekend.
Didn't make any progress on the movement trays as I couldn't find any spray :/ I'll see if I manage to visit a store at some point.
I attached photos of both the Cold One Chariot and the Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus that I wrote about earlier. Truly amazing!
The chariot is a High Elf chariot with a couple of Dark Elf shields on the flanks to make it look more sturdy, and of course there two Cold Ones in place of horses/lions. Dark Elf heads and torsos for the charioteers finished the model quite nicely :)
Then there's the Dreadlord. Just WOW! Shadowblade model with the long cloak traded for a pair of pegasus wings. Simple and classy. Clearly an Angel of Death! :D

maanantai 13. huhtikuuta 2015

Busy but Painting!

This weekend I was kept quite busy, but luckily I still had time to work on two shield Warriors and the Flame Cannon crew.
Below you'll find a photo of my progress. All of the minis are missing the colour on belts and pouches, as well as drybrushing. There's also some work left on the crew's accessories, such as the flag and the bucket.
Next weekend I'll finish them off and start working on the Thunderers!
I also found time to assemble my girlfriend's Forest Dragon yesterday. I gave it to her as a birthday present after I had spent hours on the internet searching for one. Games Workshop only seems to sell the Sisters of Twilight -model, but luckily I found a guy in the Sotavasara-forum that agreed to sell me an original, metal-and-plastic Forest Dragon with a Wood Elf rider... after a couple of days of haggling, of course.
I need to get the movement trays I made painted and based as soon as I can, too. I can't stand the sight of white and grey trays under my lovingly painted stunties!
So much to do but so little time to do it...
Finally, sorry for such a short post, I'll make up for it when I write the background story :)

maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

+6 Rainbow Warriors

Double-posting now that I have time to write :)
Last week I finished six shield Warriors, three of which I gave red tunics and shields, while the other three went green.
I really like the BfSP models, easy and quick to paint while still looking good in a unit. Also, DEM BEARDS.
Now that these are ready there are only two models left unpainted in this unit, I'm going to correct that soon.
Once finished, I'll wash the whole unit. I've never used wash on models before (my Empire, Bretonnia and Tomb Kings having only received a shaded varnish) but I decided to try it on my Dwarves :P towards the end I'll base them with sand and grass, the theme already started on some of the models.
There's also a photo of the Grudge Thrower and the Flame Cannon that my brother scratchbuilt and converted from a regular Cannon and a pile of bits & frames. He's a rather skilled and innovative converter; you should see his Cold One Chariot and Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus!
Getting back soon with some background story on my army.

The Beginning...

This is my Dwarf collection in all its might!
Two Battle for Skull Pass armies and a mixed bunch from the depths of the internet make for a varied and quite sizeable force.
All units from left to right:
Back row: Organ Gun, Anvil of Doom, Cannon, Cannon, Grudge Thrower, Flame Cannon
2. row: 10 Quarrellers, 24 Thunderers
3. row: 10 Miners, 20 Warriors/Longbeards(great weapons), 20 Warriors(shield), unassembled Flame Cannon
Front row: Thane, Master Engineer, Dragonslayer, Dragonslayer, Thane, Thane, Thane, Runesmith, Battle Standard Bearer, Runesmith, Runesmith
Nothing's ready quite yet, except for the Grudge Thrower, one of the Cannons and one of the Thanes. All models that I got from my brother are painted blue, and my goal is to add some other colours into the mix to create a feeling of a wandering Dwarf force consisting of members from several clans and holds. This is basically the background story of my army, but more on that later.
Today I built some movement trays for my units, as moving them around the battlefield has been a real pain. Two 20-model trays for the Warriors and three 10-model trays for my shooters. Immediately after putting away the frames, cereal packages and scissors, I realized that I needed one more 10-model tray for my Gotrek-damn Quarrellers! >.< Another time then, not that they're moving a lot anyway.
I also took them out of their cramped shoebox and provided them with a bigger and safer way of storage and transportation: a laptop box!

perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015


I decided to start writing a blog on my Warhammer Fantasy Battles army, the Dwarves!
I started collecting these badass beardy vikings in late 2014 by buying my brother's two partially painted Battle for Skull Pass -dwarf armies along with a few of his own conversions.
This relatively small but effective army received reinforcements a couple of months ago as I found a cheap offer on the Finnish Sotavasara -forum. This amazing deal got me an Anvil of Doom, 12 Quarrellers, 20 Longbeards, 2 Runesmiths, 1 Thane, 1 Organ Gun, 1 more Cannon and 1 metal Flame Cannon.
I'm currently finishing the paintwork on the rest of the BfSP Warriors, going to post some pics of them soon.
Welcome to ExtraBushyBeards!