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Battle of Twinpoints

Seventh and final battle of the Twilight Prince campaign!

2000 points marking the zenith of the entire league, I know fielded most of my available Free Peoples collection. My army had to change their allegiance from Free Peoples to Order: Anvilgard in order to accommodate enough artillery and heroes for it to work, as my collection is based on the old Warhammer Fantasy Empire faction, after all. I got to play against Kuqry's amazind Dispossessed army, except that he also changed his allegiance to a more general level, taking Order: Hammerhal in order to fit in all his models.

So, it was 152 humans against 114 duardin, a total of 266 models on the board. Biggest game I've had in months! We played one of the scenarios in the Nighthaunt Battletome (customised to fit out campaign's theme) in which my Free Peoples march onto the field through a portal, facing a host of mountainfolk that didn't expect our sudden arrival. There were two objectives on the field, one on each end of the board. The rules were simple: if the Free Peoples controlled both of the objectives by the end of the game, they won, but if they controlled neither, they lost. Any other result was a draw, and as a suitably fluffy narrative spice the Dispossessed couldn't use Command Abilities on the first battleround due to, emmm, being surprised.

These two objectives mark the entrance to the dungeon housing the Slaaneshi daemon. Will Fersen and Rosengart be able to defeat the duardin, open the dungeon and defeat the daemon? On with the story!


After a day's march Breuer's regiment had travelled across the Hyshian plains to arrive at the realmgate that would take them to the daemon's dungeon. With the arcane knowledge of Ernest Rosengart they were able to activate it and traverse into the shadowy Realm of Ulgu, to the Twinpoints, where the scholars assured the goal of their journey would await.

What awaited them was not only the dungeon they were after, but also an entire army of duardin camped right at the gates of the daemon's lair. General Breuer was among the first to ride through the realmgate, appearing at a lightly forested plain right in front of the mountainfolk army. The General couldn't believe his eyes.
"What? Wait, this can't be the location..." the stammered, turning to the rows of lieutenants and sergeants behind him.
"Where's Fersen? I must have words with him. Now."

The officers merely shook their heads, gazing around helplessly. Behind them the rest of the regiment was still marching in, rank after rank of heavily armed freeguilders appearing from the depths of the realmgate. The General saw there was no way to turn them back now.
"We need to rethink the plan. Cease the..."
"You'll do no such thing, General," Gunmaster Fersen interrupted, walking in from among the troops.
"The plan proceeds as we agreed. We need to gain entrance into the dungeon."

tiistai 4. joulukuuta 2018

The Final March

The field was silent, except for the low hiss of the comets as they lay in their craters of wet soil. All around the site there were huge piles of ash where the corpses from the recent battle had been burned, those of friend and foe alike. Yet now there were no armies fighting over this blood-soaked swamp, no clashing swords, no echoing gunfire.

Two men were standing beside one of the comets, with no signs of other living beings anywhere to be seen. One of the men was walking down to the celestial orb, while the other stood on the edge of the crater, keeping watch.
"Will one comet be enough?" Gunmaster Wolfgang Fersen called down.
"How much power can the artefact bear?"
"I... believe one will suffice, as... the structure of the key doesn't seem to... be meant for enormous amounts of arcane energies," Battlemage Ernest Rosengart replied as he carefully descended into the crater.

Upon reaching the bottom, he placed the ornate key on top of the glowing half-buried comet. The surface of the celestial orb began glowing with golden light under the touch of the artefact. Ernest took his grimoire from his belt and began reciting a spell. Fersen scratched the back of his neck with his repeater, gazing around the swamps around them. This was the critical moment in which the wizard could not be disturbed.

Puffington Marshal Emmerich Heilman inspecting the Breuer's Regiment before they march off to war

perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2018

Oldentown District Council Election

Who will you elect to sit on the District Council of Puffington Oldentown?

You are allowed to vote for several candidates at once and fill the form as many times as you like - we have an entire city district's worth of denizens to impersonate, after all!

The candidates have listed their goals and agendas in the Election Special of the Puffington Post newspaper. Study carefully before voting (or don't)!

This form remains open until 7.12.2018, exactly a week from now.

torstai 22. marraskuuta 2018

Battle of Cometfall Plain

Sixth battle of the Twilight Prince campaign!

With 1500 points now at my disposal, the campaign is nearing its end as the second last battle kicks in. It is a game of Battleplan: Starstrike, in which my Freeguilders must fight the Maggotkin of Nurgle for the domination of objectives that fall onto the board on 2nd and 3rd battlerounds.

Since there was no short story to herald this battle, the beginning of this report will be a tiny bit more narrational than usual. These are narrative batreps, after all!


After the Khornate attack on the Hygrian Altars had been thwarted, Captain Oswald Wesley had returned to the two scholars to hear the next destination of their journey. Both Gunmaster Fersen and Battlemage Rosengart claimed that the key they possessed would have to be 'empowered' before it could be used to enter the arcane dungeons. This feat could be accomplished by bringing the artefact up to a recently fallen star and absorbing the celestial orb's power.

Oswald knew what that meant. It was yet another perilous task for his company of Averbury recruits. He had known this even before he received the scout's report as they had been marching to the Cometfall Plain some leagues to the north: sightings of a daemon army marching up to meet them at the site.

maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2018

Second Battle of the Hygrian Altars

Fifth battle of the Twilight Prince campaign!

My freeguilders have now climbed up to 1000 points in their second Matched Play battle of this campaign. This game was all about inflicting the most wounds on the enemy by killing their models. My (bad) luck was with me, as always, and I got paired with Blades of Khorne.


1000p of Freeguild Guard, roughly 90 models, against a ton (pun intended) of Khornates. Sounds like a challenge!

Let's see how it went down...


"So, the wizard was correct after all," Captain Oswald Wesley observed as the horizon filled with muscular barbarians crying out their devotion to Khorne.
"These buggers may be seeking to occupy these altars we just claimed. Or they just want our skulls. What do you reckon, Audrey?"
"Sir, I think–"
"Marvelous! So do I," he cut in, interrupting the young sergeant beside him.
"Our battleline must hold either way, we cannot let them get to the scholars now as they're planning their next move."

perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2018

Case: Chobbin's Chamber Pots & Bits

The paychest of Chobbin's Chamber Pots & Bits
has been lost as it was being delivered to the
Oldentown Bank last night by my nephew.

The lad was walking somewhere around the 
neighbouring blocks when he got scared
by an astonishingly violent and aggressive
alley cat. He dropped the coffer and went hiding.

Whoever brings the coffer back to Chobbin's Chamber
Pots & Bits will be handsomely rewarded, as the butique's 
future depends on the discovery of the chest.

Please help!

-Mark Chobbin

"Interesting..." Roderick mumbled into his longcoat's collar as he read then note on the wall. What an excellent chance to gain some fame and fortune for Usher's Investigations!  He tore down the note, folded it carefully and slid it inside his coat. He needed no competition on this case. His office must have the reward.

Gazing around if anyone else on the street had seen the note, Roderick pulled up his collar and walked away. He had been the first. He headed back to the office down at the corner of Grumblebeard District and Tumult Street. The Brothers would need to be rounded up for an immediate operation in southern Oldentown!

tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2018

Warbands: Puffington Muffins & Puddings Militia

This warband belongs to VainVader, one of the partaking players in our Streets of Oldentown campaign. Check out his hobby blog diary to see what else he's up to. (But beware, the blog is written in Finnish – good luck reading that!)

perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2018

Case: Sky-Port

Rough linen footwraps rustled on the cobblestones as the Brotherhood of the Absent Flame approached their destination. A dozen or so streetlamps fought moonlight for the dominance of the empty streets, their light painting the cobbles gold and silver. Shadows had grown long already, and none but the gong farmers and corpse-carts were moving in the alleys.

Investigator Roderick Usher had received a hint from one of his contacts in the Oldentown Sky-Port that an unregistered shipment had arrived just this evening. Brought in by an unremarkable duardin zeppelin and carried away by paid-off dockhands, the cargo was now waiting for its buyer outside the import dock warehouses. Unregistered, untolled and unguarded, the shipment was an excellent target for Usher's Unofficials. They needed tools to ply their trade, and rumour had it that the shipment contained weapons and black powder.

Too bad the Sky-Port warehouses were located in a night-time restricted area, guarded by City Watch patrols.

"We're close now, and the patrol won't be back for a moment," Father Eli Darenport whispered to Usher beside him as they turned yet another corner.
"The shipment should be here somewhere, outside warehouse thirteen... or eighteen. Hard to say," Roderick replied, turning the piece of parchment around in his hand and squinting.
"Michael's not especially good at handwriting. Might be why he's working at the Sky-Port docks to begin with."

They were accompaned by five Brothers this evening: Owen with his greathammer, Nash with his arquebus, Reece with his polearm, Ashton with his javelins and Adrian with his flail. It was the largest operation Usher's Investigation office had ever pulled off. They would need this shipment of weapons to arm the new fanatic followers Father Eli brought into the Brotherhood each week.

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Warbands: Usher's Unofficials

This warband belongs to Koltama, one of the partaking players in our Streets of Oldentown campaign. You're treading in his hobby stronghold right now.