torstai 30. heinäkuuta 2015

Berserking Slayers & Slaying Berserkers


Two weeks back my order from the Wayland Games finally arrived... A box of Dwarven Berserkers from the game "Warthrone" by Avatars of War!

They are the first multi-part plastic miniature regiment box from Avatars of War who have previously only sold single hero miniatures. Absolutely love the cast here! Quality is very similar to Games Workshop but the pieces seem to fit together even better than GW's bits. There are several head(beard), hand and axe options, as well as tons of accessory to personalize the unit: severed orc and giant heads, coins, chains, beer mugs, skulls...
And its 20 models for roughly 30€, an amazing deal!

The unit standard/flag is VERY large and cumbersome, but luckily the dragon bits can be left out to have only the cool marble slayer statue hanging there with a grudge book or some severed heads :)

Some might say the axes are also too large and "cartoony", but I honestly like that. Dwarf Slayers are generally quite silly figures, after all, so why shouldn't their weapons be reflecting that, too! Otherwise their scale is the same as GW's Dwarf models, as the photo in the end undeniably proves.

Already painted two and assembled two more to be ready for painting. Seems like I'll have the unit ready in no-time :P they are very enjoyable models to paint and the level of detail is stunning! Every single one of them would pass as a Dragonslayer Hero, so glorious individuals they simply are.

And most important of all... their beards are very long and extra bushy!

sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Its not Dwarves but its something...


After this unfortunate two-month break I'm happy to introduce you my meagre progress on my miniatures... And they're not even Dwarves :/

I just finished 5 Greatswords for my Empire army. Those guys have veen around for years! Now I finally have a full regiment of 20 Greatswords ready for battle.

I also finished the changing of my knights' color scheme. They were originally 8 Reiksguard knights, but for some reason I had turned three of them black at some point in history! As I had even varnished them already, I had no choice but to finish what I had started. Enjoy my new Knighty Order, the Tims of the Night! :P

I have been following the resent changes in Warhammer hobby for the past few months with care. I really didn't like the End Times, I never even touched it, but now that the Age of Sigmar is out and rolling I'm exited!
I read the Warscrolls as soon as they came out, and I've played two games with them already. I have only positive things to say about AoS, except that I dislike the new "Sigmarine" models and the lore is kinda weird. Oh well, you can't have it all.

The lack of balance system doesn't bother me. Its all the more gentlemanly game now, and the quicker rules and lack of army lists make it possible to have very narrative and fluffy pickup games at our local club! Its not about who wins and who loses any more, without a try-hard balancing system (that never works perfectly no matter how hard you try) the games are all about the joy of playing the game itself. No more teeth-grinding point to point "balanced" Pitched Battles that seek to determine the winner as accurately as possible. And besides, Bretonnians and Beastmen finally got some fresh rules!

That's all for tonight, I'll see if I can get some Dwarves done next week :)