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The Great Book of Grudges

Every duardin Karak needs its own Book of Grudges.

In order to exact harsh vengeance upon those who do wrong against my Duardin I have begun recording every suffered slight into this hefty ledger, from which they will be struck out as wergilds are paid. Each grudge has a short description of the events that created the grudge and a list of characters involved. This post is a permanent addition to the blog and will be constantly updated.

Grudges Settled: 60,0%

Desecration of Wayfarer Hold
A brutal greenskin tribe led by Big Warboss Urgokh da Choppa sailed in from the horizon on ramshackle ferries and rafts, landing on the shores of the Diamond Bay and storming the Wayfarer Hold. The inhabitants were forced to flee and the sizable garrison was obliterated as they faced the foe on the shores to buy civilians more time to escape. Ancestral statues were torn down and the hold itself was blighted with crude monuments to the greenskin gods Gork and Mork.

Stonehammer's Demise
At the Battle of the Hollow Hill a towering orruk Warboss Gorlag Stuntiedoom descended upon an Iron Company patrol with his warband, routing the brave warriors and decapitating Thane Gorek Stonehammer after an uneven duel atop the snow-covered hill. It is said that Stonehammer's head was attached to the orruk's armour as a trophy.
At the pinnacle of the Battle of Bronze Plateau, Commander Ungrim Ironhelm himself smashed the head of Warboss Stuntiedoom in a duel and settled the grudges caused by the infamous brute.

Loss of Brokksson Heirlooms
Runepriest Largs Brokksson, the hero who led the survivors of the Hollow Hill back to the nearby Splitstone Mine, was ambushed along with the mine's garrison and slain in the ensuing battle. His heirloom runestaff and forgehammer were claimed by the mastermind of the ambush: Wolfboss Azgar Swiftgit.
During the Battle of Bronze Plateau Wolfboss Azgar was crushed to death under a grudge-rock bearing his hated name. The Brokksson heirlooms were reclaimed only days after the ambush by Thane Brom Alaricsson and his convoy.

Gadrinsnev's Lost Inventions
Engineer Borek Gadrinsnev was stationed at the Splitstone Mines when the aforementioned attack by Azgar Swiftgit took place. He has been reported missing along with his reservoir of recent ingenious inventions, including the Rocket-Blunderbuss.
Azgar Swiftgit was slain at the Battle of Bronze Plateau and the wergild for this shameful event has been paid, but Borek Garinsnev and his inventions still remain lost.

Roreksson's Ruined Caravan 
Thane Snaddri Roreksson was leading an Iron Company supply caravan to the army's main encampment when he walked into a trap prepared by grot warchief Urzy da Sneaky 'Un. The attack was eventually fended off and the assailants were slain, except for the warchief himself. The caravan suffered badly in the ambush, with many duardin slain and most of the supplies lost.
Urzy da Sneaky 'Un was brought low by a lucky handgun-volley during the Iron Grudge campaign as Runelord Ranuld Silvethumb and Runesmith Durin Chiselmane stormed his hidden encampment at Sneakpass and shattered his elusive grot tribe. The tribe's remaining four Bloody Moon Shaman were also all slain in the raid.

Bereaved Retribution
During the counter-attack of the Iron Company to reclaim their lost territory, Thane Thorlek Durragsson led a vanguard of brave warriors and rangers to secure a safe passage across the Serpent River. Such a place was found at Grot's Crossing, defended by a band of Moonclan grots and the notorious Gorlag Stuntiedoom. Thane Durragsson brought the enemy to battle over the bridge spanning across the river, seeking to slay the orruk Warboss and settle the grudges laid against the brute. Alas, during the duel of between Thorlek and Stuntiedoom a grot warmachine put a spear-sized bolt through the Thane, bereaving the duardin of their vengeance and forcing the battered vanguard to retreat.
At the pinnacle of the Battle of Bronze PlateauCommander Ungrim Ironhelm himself smashed the head of Warboss Stuntiedoom in a duel and settled the grudges caused by the infamous brute.

Disaster of Diamond Bay
At Diamond Bay Captain Garin Baragorsson's flotilla ambushed an enemy supply vessel on its way to the greenskin camp near the lost Wayfarer Hold, aiming to hinder their war efforts. The duardin were defeated after a close battle and their flotilla was captured by the enemy. Captain Baragorsson was slain by Kaptin Croll Rustaxe during the brutal boarding. Kaptin Croll was also the only one to survive the clash.

Burning of Bochenfels
A contingent of duardin warriors led by Thane Morek Furrowbrow aided the human inhabitants of Bochenfels to defend their city against the massive Waaagh! of Urgokh da Choppa that was assaulting the city. Despite the combined efforts of the two races, the greenskin invaders breached the walls and burned the city after a brief but arduous siege. Thane Furrowbrow led the retreat and the city's inhabitants were saved, but Morek's close human friend Governor Warwick Lemming was slain during the fighting and his eldest son Richard went missing in the aftermath. Thane Morek Furrowbrow has vowed dire vengeance.

Fate of the Beardling Legions
During the Iron Grudge campaign, a massive invasion into the greenskin territories, Slayer King Malakai Smensson commenced a pre-emptive strike in order to stop a foul ritual by orruk Shaman Trazleh. Protected by his tribe of zealous followers, Trazleh managed to complete the ritual and summon a mighty Chaos beast into the realm. The monster went on a rampage and followed the retreating duardin, decimating the rearguard legions and disrupting supply lines of the marching army. The decimated legions mostly consisted of young beardlings who had been kept away from the thickest fighting, and so the mourning was great.
Shaman Trazleh was slain by Brewmaster Burlok Dorinsson's rangers at the very moment the ritual was completed. The shaman's tribe was defeated during the battle but the damage to the duardin campaign had already been done.

The Defiling of the Bargonne Boneyard
The brave and noble duardin souls put to rest at the boneyard of Bargonne Forest in the Western Reaches of the kingdom of Kazad-Zul had their eternal sleep disturbed in the most horrible way by blood-crazed followers of the Chaos god Khorne. Galathor Skullcleave and his Gore Pilgrims attacked the cemetery to draw in Slayer Lord Farim Tattermane of Drakeflight Hold and his loyal warriors, tasked with defending the region while the main armies were campaigning. Lord Farim was slain in the battle alongside his clan's warriors, and only Runelord Nithrik and the Bargonne Rangers returned alive to deliver these grim tidings back to the now-leaderless hold. Although Galathor himself died fighting Murin the Shattered, his second-in-commands Ragrax Brassfist and Ghirkar Redwrath have taken over the Gore Pilgrims and continue to harass the region.

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