perjantai 14. heinäkuuta 2017

Light in a Box

Amidst all the work I've found no time to plan, set up, play or write the third part of the For Beardlings -tutorial series. Yet.
I'm getting there, but slowly.

In the meanwhile I can only offer you some small things I have actually managed to do, like these pretty pics I took today using a lightbox studio that arrived in the mail. Some of my heroes and units that were easily at hand have now been immortalized in better lighting than ever before!

It is a 9" Foldable Studio from ebay, powered by a power bank I already owned. The studio comes in a nice flat package and may be effortlessly folded open and back again in an eyeblink as it is all handily magnetized! The built-in LEDs are quite powerful and offer a good source of cold light to minimize any shadows in the miniatures. The studio also comes with one white and one black "background sheet", of which I find the black one more appealing as it seems to work better with my phone's camera.

And now some of the ones I took on a white background, although I feel they're a bit too dirty and blurry in some odd way:

It almost feels as if the models drown in all that whiteness and lose some of their contrast. Oh well, I'll just stick with the black one for the most part!

I've also added an Army Showcase tab into the sidebar menu. It lets you view army-specific posts about each of the factions I collect and have recorded here in ExtraBushyBeards. There are already four of my nine(ish) armies recorded, and more will follow.

The tutorial part three is also on its way, worry not. It is currently my top priority.

 Until then!

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