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Scarlet Sentinels Stride Forth


After a last few evenings of frantic base-painting, I finally present you the Scarlet Sentinels Warrior Chamber in all its glory!

They are the very models from the Starter Set (plus two easy-to-build Retributors) but quite heavily modified to look less celestial and more bestial or outright savage. I also wanted to capitalize their humanity, that despite all their skill, power and the ability to be Reforged they're still mortals who bleed, feel and need (well, at least until they get Reforged too many times anyway), which is why I painted faces for them under their helmets and replaced some of their heads with Space Wolf ones.
I haven't played the army in more than a couple of test skirmishes yet, but now that they're all painted up I think I'll start writing them a storyline of narrative battle reports as they seek to purge all evil from the Realm of Beasts!

Before we delve any further into the units and models, here's the background story of the army:

Scarlet Sentinels, the Lost Host of Boremund

A stormhost of Stormcast Eternals that God-King Sigmar cast into Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, to reclaim lost Realmgates and to establish a foothold for later invasion. Lord-Celestant Boremund led his Scarlet Sentinels on a victorious campaign across the Blackfeet Plateau, reconquering many Realmgate sites and driving hordes of savage beasts and Chaos worshippers out of the region.He personally laid the first stone in the construction of an imposing fortress that was carved into one of the majestic Frostmist Mountains to uphold and enforce all he had achieved, until such time that his Lord and Maker would send more Stormhosts to aid in properly reclaiming the Realm.
Time flew past without any sign of reinforcements. The war raging in the Realms of Fire and Life had the full attention of Sigmar and his allies.From the safety of their impregnable Frostmist Citadel the Scarlet Sentinels guarded their achievements and defended the retaken Realmgates against savage invasions from orruks, brayherds and forces of Chaos time and again, but little by little they lost ground as their numbers dwindled too fast to be replaced in time by the time-consuming Reforgings in the Realm of Azyr.The last reports from Boremund and his legions were received just before their fortress was besieged by a massive Chaos warhost intent on leveling it to the ground. No word has since been received from the Scarlet Sentinels...
...until this day. Now the Lost Host of Boremund has appeared once more, battered but determined. Their mission is still as clear as the Twin-Tailed Comet of Sigmar in the vastness of the skies: to take and hold key locations in the Realm of Beasts until their Maker sees fit to release them from their duty!

First up is the bulk of the whole force, Scarlet Legionnaires!
Led by two Primes, Rorik and Erlendur, these brave Liberators are ready to take on any who would seek to undo their master's achievements. Their hammers were cut off and replaced with Ogor blades, Bullgor maces, Freeguild halberds and Beastmen axes for some more savage weaponry. In game terms they're armed with Warblades, a Grandblade and a Grandhammer. Lion heads from Highborn chariots and capes from Chaos Marauders were attached to shields and shoulderpads for some fur.

Then the Prosecutors!
Their hammers were replaced with Bullgor shields and Ungor spears to represent Stormcall Javelins and Sigmarite Shields, and their wings were magnetized for ease of transportation.

Clipped off the hammers of the Retributors to transform them into brutal-looking team of grisly axemen with some Bullgor weapons.

Knight-Vexillor Mance.
The Lord-Relictor model quickly changed into a howling bare-headed banner bearer. The flag is from an Orruk kit while the axe I believe came from Bestigors.

Lord-Castellant Davos and his loyal Gryph-hound Nymeria.
This model looks so absolutely beautiful that I dare not touch it with my conversion tools. I settled merely to paint him a face instead of a grim face-plate. Really like this model and his ability mechanics on the battlefield!

Last but not least the warlord of the Stormhost, Lord-Celestant Boremund and his faithful Dracoth mount Wyllis.
With a Sigmarite Thundershield from a Bullgor kit and a powerful Thunderaxe (from I-don't-recall-where, but the comet on top is from the Greatswords set), this model is ready to wreak havoc among the enemies of the God-King and restore order to Ghur.

"The cleaved head no longer plots, the severed arm cannot fight back. So shall my thunderaxe make peace, one stroke at a time."
- Decimator-Prime Thetaleas, Astral Templars

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