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Local League: Against the Legion


It is time for my weekly league report. Today we played the second 1000p game with the Gifts from the Heavens scenario (and not Three Places of Power as I had remembered, that's next week) and I got paired with Slaves to Darkness. Interesting!

Here is the army I fielded this time:

1x High Warden
1x Archmage
1x Loremaster
5x Reavers
5x Reavers
10x Spireguard
1x Repeater Bolt Thrower

As you can see from the massive amount of heroes this list was designed to be used in the Three Places of Power scenario, the date of which I unfortunately recalled wrong to begin with. Oh well, one can never be prepared for everything they might face on the field of battle. Such is the nature of war.

The opposing army consisted of a Chaos Lord, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord, three units of ten Chaos Warriors and three Dragon Ogres. Both sides deployed rather widely, preparing for the objective-comets to come crashing down from the heavens on battleround 2. My opponent deployed his Lord and Warriors in one go as a Warcroll Battalion and so got to take the first turn.

The first round saw Chaos moving towards the Aelves under a heavy rain of arrows, the shooting inflicting one wound here and another there across the board. A total of 7 Reavers (from two different units) aimed at the Chaos Sorcerer with their 21 shafts, dealing exactly five wounds and killing off the troublesome spellcaster, while most of the other shooting focusing on the approaching Dragon Ogres to soften them up.
My High Warden and a unit of Reavers charged the Dragon Ogres and managed to kill one, routing a second, to leave only one standing.
On the right flank my other unit of Reavers got charged by a unit of Warriors. Despite having two of their mates slain the unit held their ground thanks to Inspiring Presence, just far enough from the objective to keep it under my control.

My Bolt Thrower brought his Chaos Lord down to 2 wounds with a salvo of shots, and the angry hero charged my High Warden in order to murder his face off with a Deamon-possessed Reaperblade. Luckily that one mighty attack (2D6 Damage) hit but did not wound, after which I had my Warden pour 12 attacks into the Chaos Lord to take off those 2 remaining wounds and slay his last leader.
The lonely Dragon Ogre then got mobbed and the Reavers positioned themselves to charge into the Warriors wading towards my objective, while my High Warden glided straight into the Warrior unit guarding the enemy objective.

In a mad panic I had all my shooting units (except Spireguard) lob their shots at that single unit of Warriors held in place by my Reavers. I just couldn't afford losing the objective on rounds 3 and 4!
The Spireguard spent the whole game loosing their missiles at that one Warrior unit on the left flank as they strode casually through the damned landscape killing two of them over the course of the battle.

The High Warden merrily slaughtered the Warriors guarding the Chaos objective, still leaving one alive to contest it so I received no points from it that turn. My two Reavers units managed to finish off the enemies crawling towards my objective by excessive use of arrow volleys and horse hooves, although taking some serious casualties in return. But my objective was now safe and the enemy's contested so things started to look brighter for the Aelves.

The final turns of the game saw the last unit of Warriors charging into my Warden and trying to wrest back control of the Chaos objective. The griffon weathered all the hits until my Reavers arrived to his aid, and together they slew the Slaves to Darkness to a man in the last combat phase of the 5th battleround.

The final score was 14-5 in favour of the Aelves, a major victory!

Now my army holds the second place in the league, still one point behind the leading Skaven. The next scenario will now actually be that Three Places of Power at 1000p, after which it is time for the final game and the special scenario. Only two weeks left in the league and I have lots and lots of models to paint until the Aelves are finally ready for their final confrontation!

Here are some additional close-up pics from the game:
A unit of five Reavers defending the Aelven objective. Those are Bolt Thrower kills.
The High Warden single-handedly plowing his way through the Warriors guarding the Chaos objective
The Aelven Bunker Hill, deadly, secure and worth hundreds of points
My brave Archmage stood the entire game inside these Sinister ruins
The final confrontation as the remaining Reavers charge in to help their liege

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