perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015


I decided to start writing a blog on my Warhammer Fantasy Battles army, the Dwarves!
I started collecting these badass beardy vikings in late 2014 by buying my brother's two partially painted Battle for Skull Pass -dwarf armies along with a few of his own conversions.
This relatively small but effective army received reinforcements a couple of months ago as I found a cheap offer on the Finnish Sotavasara -forum. This amazing deal got me an Anvil of Doom, 12 Quarrellers, 20 Longbeards, 2 Runesmiths, 1 Thane, 1 Organ Gun, 1 more Cannon and 1 metal Flame Cannon.
I'm currently finishing the paintwork on the rest of the BfSP Warriors, going to post some pics of them soon.
Welcome to ExtraBushyBeards!

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