maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

+6 Rainbow Warriors

Double-posting now that I have time to write :)
Last week I finished six shield Warriors, three of which I gave red tunics and shields, while the other three went green.
I really like the BfSP models, easy and quick to paint while still looking good in a unit. Also, DEM BEARDS.
Now that these are ready there are only two models left unpainted in this unit, I'm going to correct that soon.
Once finished, I'll wash the whole unit. I've never used wash on models before (my Empire, Bretonnia and Tomb Kings having only received a shaded varnish) but I decided to try it on my Dwarves :P towards the end I'll base them with sand and grass, the theme already started on some of the models.
There's also a photo of the Grudge Thrower and the Flame Cannon that my brother scratchbuilt and converted from a regular Cannon and a pile of bits & frames. He's a rather skilled and innovative converter; you should see his Cold One Chariot and Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus!
Getting back soon with some background story on my army.

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