maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

The Beginning...

This is my Dwarf collection in all its might!
Two Battle for Skull Pass armies and a mixed bunch from the depths of the internet make for a varied and quite sizeable force.
All units from left to right:
Back row: Organ Gun, Anvil of Doom, Cannon, Cannon, Grudge Thrower, Flame Cannon
2. row: 10 Quarrellers, 24 Thunderers
3. row: 10 Miners, 20 Warriors/Longbeards(great weapons), 20 Warriors(shield), unassembled Flame Cannon
Front row: Thane, Master Engineer, Dragonslayer, Dragonslayer, Thane, Thane, Thane, Runesmith, Battle Standard Bearer, Runesmith, Runesmith
Nothing's ready quite yet, except for the Grudge Thrower, one of the Cannons and one of the Thanes. All models that I got from my brother are painted blue, and my goal is to add some other colours into the mix to create a feeling of a wandering Dwarf force consisting of members from several clans and holds. This is basically the background story of my army, but more on that later.
Today I built some movement trays for my units, as moving them around the battlefield has been a real pain. Two 20-model trays for the Warriors and three 10-model trays for my shooters. Immediately after putting away the frames, cereal packages and scissors, I realized that I needed one more 10-model tray for my Gotrek-damn Quarrellers! >.< Another time then, not that they're moving a lot anyway.
I also took them out of their cramped shoebox and provided them with a bigger and safer way of storage and transportation: a laptop box!

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