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June Community Painting Project

Good evening!

I'm simply loving the Community Painting Projects at /r/ageofsigmar as they really give a reason to paint up some really cool models!
This month it was turn for the Heroes of the Silver Tower to be painted, and I managed to slip in with my Archaon the Everchosen on foot as a Lord of Chaos. Without further talk, here's my submission:

Lighting did some queer tricks with my pics here, so I apologize if they look a bit grainy. I decided to give this badass here a little different theme to that of my other Chaos models, while still sticking to the same colour palette.
First off I painted the armour with a simple black, then drawing along the edges with dark blue, then blue, then light blue and finally white. Tried to get a bit of a glowing feel to it, as if some kind of energy was coursing through that damned set of mail.
The fur and the cloak I painted just like with my chaos warriors, to make him feel he really belongs to the group.

The base is dark dead ground, with a Free Peoples helmet and an arrow sticking out of the sand. I really think the base still needs something, and I'll probably add a patch or two of snow. Just to bring some light colour to the whole setup.

Archaon's backside looked a bit... less detailed, so I decided to put in a Marauder shield with the colours of my Chaos force. He is striding across a battlefield to bring destruction to his enemies (and mine) so it's only appropriate that his base is decorated accordingly.
The shield is there also to remind me of the fact that Marauders die quickly and are extremely expendable, thus I must not hesitate to sacrifice them to gain an advantage to my other units. Cheerful.

Then take a look at his sword. The Slayer of Kings. Hell yea!
I wanted to do something really special with this sword, so I went for a lightning effect. I was a bit nervous as I've never done it before, but it turned out alright. I think.

First I applied a thick line of orange, followed by the lightning bolt itself in white. I then washed the blade with Casandora Yellow, leaving the forking points white. When dried, I washed it again, this time the whole blade. The twice washed areas of white were now bright yellow, and the once washed areas were light yellow. Yay!
Finally I did the same to the edges of the sword and the "mouth" or whatever it is that gapes in the flat of the blade.

The shield got a pretty basic treatment. Black, gold and some blue glow on the edges in the same fashion as the armour. Done!

I didn't want to use him simply as a stand-in for a regular Chaos Lord in my games od Age of Sigmar, so I asked my regular opponents at our club if it was cool with them should I make a custom warscroll for him, as he has no mount at all, but the model in the legacy warscroll does. Here's what I ended up making:

It's simply the legacy warscroll with every mention of the mount (and a couple of Wounds) scrapped off. It was okay with my mates, so this is what I'll play him with!
After all, it's simply the mounted model with some tuning down.

All in all an amazing model to paint. So much armour to try effects on, fur to drybrush and a cloak as a large plain area. Very very satisfying. And he is a special Games Day (or something) model that came out in limited edition back in the time of Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign!
I'm very happy about the result of my hours-long work. Just take a last look at him, deep in the eye, and imagine him talking down to you in a powerful, hollow voice...

" I'll f*** you up, mate "

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