torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

Come and Grab a Campaign!

Good morning, everyone!

After spending the early hours of this day adjusting the look and feel of ExtraBushyBeards, I then decided to give you my latest creation as well: a story-driven campaign!

Before going into it in more detail I'd like to introduce the changes I made in the blog.

- The name of the blog got shortened. As my posts have started to tell not only of my duardin but also of my five other armies I decided to cut the "My Dwarf Collection!" -part out of the header. This way it's not as racist as it used to be.
- There is a warm welcome under the header for the weary travelers of the internet as they enter my gloomy stronghold.
- ExtraBushyBeards can be followed with more media now! As previously you could only order a notification to be sent to your email when a new post went up, you can now follow my blog by other means, too. These can be found in the side bar, under email subscription.
- My posts are now categorised! My stronghold got divided into four sections, so that the readers might better pick and choose what kind of posts they want to view and explore.
      - Main Hall: all the posts in the blog in chronological order, newest on top.
      - Tavern: tips & tricks, tutorials, reviews, rumours and free downloadable content.
      - War Room: battle reports & campaigns
      - Workshop: painting & modelling, terrain, conversions, etc.

I hope you enjoy the updates I made, they are supposed to make your life easier, after all!

Now on to the campaign.
During the past week I've been working on a narrative campaign that I plan to play with my brother, with him using my Slaves to Darkness against my own Freeguilders. Yes, both of the armies are mine, but we'll probably add some allied forces to the game as the conflict escalates to make it more interesting and epic.

The campaign consists of six linked battles, with each one affecting the next, until the war culminates in a great clash in Battle 5 where the victor of the campaign is determined. Then why did I say six linked battles? Because the defeated player will be given one more chance to fight the whole war into a draw in Battle 6, just to add a little more excitement to the end of the campaign!

Although this campaign features Slaves to Darkness and Freeguilders, the whole thing is designed so that you can play it with any armies you want! Just ignore the narrative parts that mention these two represented armies and use your own factions instead.

All you need is a few of the "original" Age of Sigmar Battleplans (found in Age if Sigmar: Battle Pack), and this PDF and you're good to go! 
Feel free to use different Battleplans for each battle than the ones in the campaign if you think your choice would be better or you don't have access to the Battleplans. Everything works as long as you and your opponent have a good time. The nature of each battle is explained in the campaign so you may as well invent your own scenarios for each fight!

I will play through this campaign myself in a few weeks, and I will document its progress in the War Room by posting a Narrative Battle Report of each battle. Now let us quit the chatter and publish the campaign:

The Siege of New Talabheim.pdf


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