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Campaign: Coastal Terror

Hello there!

After a couple of weeks of intense planning, thinking and writing I managed to put together another story-driven campaign for you to enjoy. This time I paid more attention to making the whole thing more army-neutral as in the last campaign some good people noticed that warmachines were playing an important part in many of the battles, making things awkward for armies that have no warmachines at all.

I call this new campaign by the name of Coastal Terror as it tries to evoke the feeling of ruthless raiding and pillaging in the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar. It has a certain viking and/or pirate theme as a whole, but of course players can (and should) use their imagination to twist it more to what they prefer themselves.

I used some old Warhammer Fantasy raiding rules as a foundation from which I built up to create scenarios and rules suitable for Age of Sigmar while trying to maintain the feeling of looting, pillaging and hatred throughout the campaign.
There are four battles with each linked to the next by a story and some victory bonuses, everything leading up to the final battle where the overall victor is decided. For each battle I created a custom Battleplan to better represent the events that take place during a series of ruthless raids on hostile territory.

The example story features a host of Slaves to Darkness raiding the coast of a Free Peoples kingdom represented by Bretonnia. I know it is a bit boring that I use mostly "human" factions in my campaign stories but I feel it helps me maintain a certain neutrality in the rules and scenarios I write, so that any army can fill either of the campaign roles. And of course, most of my armies are human-based so the models are easily on hand.

I promise to use some more interesting example factions in my future campaigns.

There is something special included in the campaign PDF: loot markers, flame markers and even a longboat for you to print out and use. The markers help you keep track of things in the scenarios and the longboat can be used to add some character to your battlefield!

Without any further talk I give you the holy link to the sacred campaign file:

Coastal Terror.pdf

And remember, imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. Have fun and leave some feedback!

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