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Taking Casualties

Hi folks!

Today I'll present you with the latest ace up my gromril chainmail sleeve: Age of Sigmar Casualty Markers!

Yup, I've gone through all the effort it takes to find material, edit material and multiply material to create casualty markers for several Warhammer races. Took me a few weeks to accomplish but I think it was worth it.

For many years I've been wandering in the depths of Google Search trying to find Warhammer casualty markers that I could print out and use. I was so sure someone had already done this but no, there was nothing to be found except pics of markers made out of actual models (which in my opinion takes far too much effort and money considering that they're just for decoration).
Finally admitting the hopelessness of my search, I grabbed my forgehammer and walked to the anvil, starting the long process of finding the ingredients for my very own casualty markers.

First of all I fired up my copy of Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning and took one of my in-game characters for a tour around the open virtual world, searching for corpses suitable to my dark schemes.
Each time I stumbled upon a dead body I zoomed in, hid my UI/HUD and jumped my character high into the air while taking a screenshot. I repeated this countless times with dozens of corpses to find the ones I would eventually use in my markers.

The next step was editing. With my trusty photo-editing tools I picked out the corpse from the rest of the screenshot and hid any weapons in the pics by painting over them with the ground texture. The markers were ready, now I just had to multiply them to be distributed as handy PDF files of 24-30 markers each.

Copy/paste was my favorite tool in the third step. I put one marker on an empty Word-file, scaled it to fit the 28mm scale of Warhammer models (with a ruler) and finally copy/pasted it all over the place. I saved them as PDF and printed them out.

Once I had the marker-clusters on paper I glued them on pieces of cardboard and left them under the weight of heavy books for one night. The next morning I started the cutting marathon!

Each file containing 30 markers per page, I had soon cut out a total of 120 casualty markers for four different races.This was the most time-consuming part but watching TV, Netflix or HBO while at it helps a lot. 
After all this I had a whole bunch of stiff cardboard casualty markers to add a little character to my battlefields of Age of Sigmar!

Here are some of the markers in action. Although I'm saying it myself, the board looked quite stunning after the battle with bodies of orruks and freeguilders littering the grassfield!

After all the effort and pain I went through in the process of making these markers I decided that no other human being should have to endure it involuntarily, so I will now give them to you to use as you please. 
The community is only as strong as the collective efforts of those who contribute to it!

So far I've made casualty markers for Freeguilds, Free Peoples, Skeletons, Zombies, Beastmen, Chaos Warriors, Marauders, Exile  Aelfs, Orruks, Grots and Duardin. You are free to view and download them from the links below:

FreeguilderOrrukDuardinGrotMarauderWarriorExile AelfZombieSkeleton

I hope you enjoy the selection, but don't hesitate to contact me if you have a specific race in mind that you think would deserve its own marker too!

Here's a quick preview of all the casualty markers currently available:

Remember these simple steps to get these markers on your own table:
1. Download the PDF you want
2. Print it out
3. Glue it on cardboard (optional)
4. Cut out the markers
5. Enjoy!

Cheers, mates.

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