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April Community Painting Project

Greetings everyone!

About a month ago I joined the very first monthly Community Painting Project held at /r/ageofsigmar. Every participating person had one month to paint a single model with the monster keyword in its Warscroll, and today is the day everyone submits their (hopefully) finished entries!

I joined the project with my girlfriend's Sisters of Twilight on Forest Dragon which is a model that's been sitting on my desk for too long. I did not quite finish the whole model, but I got pretty far with the dragon itself.

I want to send my thanks to the awesome community of /r/ageofsigmar that helped me get this model started and almost finished!

Here are some pics on the model:

The dragon without its riders. The colours and painting techniques were chosen by my girlfriend, I was only the one who carried out her orders. She wanted to have it represent the "mystical fantasy forest" -theme that bounds together her whole Wood Elves army, so dark green and turquoise are the dominating colours.
She still wants me to add some blood on the dragon's claws and teeth, but I'll add those kinds of special effects a little later.

And here are the wings. She had this peculiar vision of the dragon's wings being like "a flash of silver in a dark forest", so after much debate and testing I gave her the shiny metallic wings she asked for.
At first I was a little pessimistic about the end result but I think they turned out okay. They contrast quite prettily with the dark skin and turquoise scales.

Once again, thanks to the community for getting me start on this model! Before the Painting Project this was a white heap of metal in the periphery of my desk, but now it starts to look like the model it is supposed to be!
Now all I need to do is finish up on the Sisters and put them in place on the back of the dragon.

Oh, one more thing. As you can see there's some green around every gristle on the wings. Don't mind that too much, as the effect is not yet finished, but I'd like to have some help from you in this.
She wants some kind of effect on the wings that makes the dark gristles look slightly less awkward. I tried thinning down a green paint and applying it around each one (as the pic shows) and now I'll pick up the silver colour again, trying to "carve" the green splashes into some curvy lines resembling the patterns on a butterfly's wings.

The idea is to blend the transition between the dark green and the silver a little smoother, while adding some detail on the otherwise blank wings. 

Every tip, comment and notion will be most helpful!

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