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More Mean Green?

Greetings once again!

It seems that once I start talking (or typing) I just can't make it stop. After my yesterday's post I found out that the Orruk-faction is getting some sweet new models, so I decided to round up a few pics and personal opinions about these "leaked" images for you to wonder and ponder about.

Let us start off with some artwork:

That's some badass-looking greenskins right there, battling the Khorne Bloodbound apparently. There are three main things to point out in this particular piece of art: The massive monster, the strange colour theme of the orruks' armour and finally the orruk leader on top of the beast.

The massive monster on the top left, ridden by an orruk cathes the eye. That is far too bulky to be a Wyvern, although it has wings and some kind of a scaly hide... its head also looks quite beastly compared to the older orc mounts.
Luckily the pics have a new Warscroll among them, giving us some insight on what that creature might be...

It appears to be a Maw-Krusha, and the orruk riding it appears to be a Megaboss! The original pic from natfka was a bit blurry so I did my best to sharpen the text for you readers. You can now make out most of the words and numbers in there if you click the pic to enlarge it and zoom in closer.

The model appears to be the incarnation on doom & death, just look at those weapons and abilities! This cutie keeps on grinding opponents under its bulk on the charge, until none remain. The command ability "Mighty Waaagh!" also seems to be quite powerful, giving extra attacks for those nearby, although it only affects units with the Ironjawz keyword. At the moment only Black Orcs and Black Orc Bosses have the keyword, but perhaps there will be new units added to the Ironjawz category now that a powerful model like this has a buff to give them.

Yup, seems like the Ironjawz are getting some sweet treatment this time. The orruk infantry on the pic might be some sort of a new heavy infantry unit, judging by their size and armouring. The regular Orc Boyz were re-packed and re-released in the Start Collecting! Greenskinz -box as well as in their own individual unit boxes, so the common green footsloggers aren't getting replaced or anything. I believe this is just an addition to the "Black Orcish" side of the greenskin race. Let's take a closer (and more blurry) look at the above pic:

Wow, that's some pixelated models! Despite this absolutely horrifying picture quality we can see the model for the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha, two of them in fact. They don't look that big, especially with their wings (believe me, they have them) folded in that queer stalking pose they all posses... until you look at Archaon on the right. Holy Sigmar is that model huge, and just look at how close to its measures the Maw-Krushas are! More prone models perhaps, but certainly more bulky that Archaon's daemonic pet.

Now look at the middle of the picture... see those mounted orruks right there? There are more on the top left corner, next to the green Maw-Krusha. You know what these are?
Correct, they are BLACK ORC BOAR BOYZ!

Well, of course I'm not familiar with their real name, I just see them as such for being big and armoured and riding something resembling gigantic boars. The greenskins already have Savage and Regular Orc Boar Boyz, so why not Black Orc ones?

Cool stuff, really cool stuff.

Then what about this? A Megaboss on foot of course!
Seems like the tankiest of tanks to me, with 7 Wounds and a 3+ Save, and an ability to permanently gain +1 Wound and +1 Attack for each Hero model it slays during a battle. That's just brutal.
His Boss Choppa has an amazing statline, with 6 for Attacks and 2 for Damage... ouch!
Not to mention his extra fist-weapon which just adds to the hurt this meanie greenie can dish out.

To say something about his appearance, he indeed looks like a heavily armoured Ironjaw but there are also some savage touches on him; he looks like a mix of Black and Savage Orc Bosses, except that he is bigger, stronger and meaner than the two combined.
The yellow and black (or is it dark blue?) colour theme doesn't sit well on my eyes, but I'm looking forward to seeing some hobbyists painting these with a more metallic touch!

Very interesting and cool-looking stuff, my regular Greenskinz opponent will lose his mind.
Who wouldn't?

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  1. Oikein arvattu, just lost my mind XD
    Asia mikä mua eniten mietitytti oli toi megaboss though, his statline looks way too powerful, I mean making a side by side comparison with Grimgor looks like this guy could give him a beating, especially if he slays a few heroes first... Looking forward to using this guy and his minions XD