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Ludsen's Lumberjacks

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since you've heard of me, but I have a veeery good reason this time! You see, I moved to live in a nearby city and establishing a new home (read: dwarven stronghold) has eaten A LOT of my time lately, along with my studies.

To once again contribute something to the community, I decided to show you my second unit of Warriors and some WIPs!

These beardy little badasses are of the older kind, and a bit smaller than their more recently molded brethren. Nevertheless their axes are as sharp as ever and cut as deep as any other!
I put their shields on their backs instead of their hands to better differentiate them from the other Warrior unit (armed with axes and shields). I usually play these fellows with Great Axes and Hammers, so I represent their heavier weapons by leaving their hands free to wield them. Luckily Dwarf/Duardin Warriors may opt to take shields no matter what their weapon of choice is, and I really like that -1 Rend the Great Axes posses.

Throw in a blessing from a Runepriest and you have a decent infantry unit capable of chopping through tough armoured foes with their -2 Rend!

Here's the unit from the side. To mark them as a mixed bunch of dwarves from all the three clans of the Iron Company I tried to paint an equal number of blue, red and green stunties. I think I ended up painting a bit more blue than other colours, but that's fine as the blue fellows are the most numerous of the clans anyway.

The hammer of the unit's champion, Ludsen, comes from an old Runepriest model if I remember correctly. Looks suitably different and massive for a unit leader, although it isn't much help when cutting down trees.

A more spread out formation. Their bases are still awfully black, but I intend to base my entire Duardin army in one go, to make sure they come out nice and unified.
The assortment of weapons in this unit is quite diverse: hammers, axes, bigger hammers and bigger axes. They look suitably rag-tag for being a group of thrown-together dwarves from different clans and professions, acting temporarily as mercenaries under the command of Ungrim Ironhelm, the commander of the Iron Company.

Very enjoyable models to paint up to tabletop quality fast, their chainmails especially were a pleasure to work on. The beards were beautiful and varied, although not as bushy as the ones the other Warriors (from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set) had.

A final pic from behind the unit. Here the shields can be seen, attached to models here and there to further push the point that they're not soldiers by profession and each of them has to afford their own equipment.
Lastly I want to point out their shield desings: eagle/griffon head for Clan Helhein (green), winged hammer for Bronzebeards Clan (red) and hammer&anvil for Karak Izor (blue).

Now this regiment of sturdy warriors is ready to face the enemies of the Iron Company and to bring salvation and peace to the Mortal Realms!
...unless someone pays them more to do just the opposite.

As an added bonus, I give you a sneak peek at the upcoming battle report and a WIP pic of my new Slaves to Darkness unit.

Here are the Marauder Horsemen! I got 10 of these for cheap as I recently bought reinforcements for my Tzeentchian Warband, and now I've started on five models. They are heavily Work In Progress as they only have the first layers of colour on them completed with a wash, and they still lack the second and third layers as well as highlights.

I'm so caught up in painting the Sisters of Twilight on Forest Dragon for a Community Challenge (I must finish the model by the end of April) that I have completely abandoned these guys for now...

Sneak peek!
A random pic of a recent game that I will soon write up into a Battle Report, featuring Exile Aelves and the Seraphon. This report is a direct sequel to the story started in Seizing the Spellglass Sphere and it looks like the narrative throws us into something snowy, with stone-cold castle walls looming in the background...

Wait and see!

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