perjantai 12. tammikuuta 2018

Secret Santa Surprise

I received something quite interesting in the mail the other day. A Secret Santa package!

I took part in the /r/warhammer Secret Santa 2017 and got to send a gift to Norway while receiving one from France in turn. This was the first time I had ever taken part in something as interesting as international anonymous gift-giving and I have to say I'm impressed at how well it worked. I had no specific expectations due to lack of previous experience, but I can safely say I'm positively surprised!

What did I get then?

Reinforcements for my Stormcast! A healthy box of Judicators, just the thing to bring some ranged options to my currently combat-focused Scarlet Sentinels warrior chamber. The box came wrapped in a French newspaper inside the parcel, an entertaining small touch that brought nice character to the gift!

They'll likely be assembled with Skybolt and Shockbolt Bows to rain death upon the enemy from afar, as I already own a unit armed with Boltstorm Crossbows. Luckily I managed to acquire some bare-headed Empire Knight bits that I'll use to customize this unit to match the savage look the rest of the warrior chamber bears.

I've also made some progress in my Freeguild Militia project. Out of the 50 models I painstakingly customized, a total of 40 have now been painted (to an acceptable tabletop quality) and rebased to 20mm round bases.

A mixed bunch, but I really like how the limited speed-paint palette creates coherency to the unit. Only ten more models to go!

Here are some close-ups on the latest batch of 10:

Tried my hand at freehand shield patterns. Turned out quite okay.
(the shield is from Momminiaturas' Men-at-Arms box)

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