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Watchtower's Watchful Watchers

Halt! Who goes there?

While slowly working my way through the Bretonnian ranks I started a small terrain project on the side for some change to painting endless crowns and coats of arms.

Here it is, a royal watchtower! Painting rough stone and some roof tiles was a nice change of pace to the tabards and bardings of the Bretonnians I've been seeing lately. The building is truly huge (two Men-at-arms by the door for scale) but I found it only refreshing to go through all those bricks one by one with a wide brush!

A different angle here. The model is a resin Torre medieval from Momminaturas and came supplied with four ruined walls, a reinforced door and the tower itself in five pieces. I really like the sturdy yet still majestic look of the entire thing, a perfect terrain piece for my Bretonnian battles (I also have thematic terrain for my Duardin and Aelf armies, but more on those in another post).

For ease of use, storage and transportation I carved some "beds" in the resin for a couple of small magnets, making the whole thing come apart into eight pieces: 3 levels of the tower, the tower roof and 4 ruined wall sections. This way I can use all the walls as separate pieces to get denser terrain for Skirmishes, or I can use the top-third section of the tower itself to use as a temple or something!

Speaking of the tower summit, by removing the roof one can easily slip in a few models to represent the unit that is housed within. There is actually space to put in a good handful of models inside the structure but I think I'll just put a few on the top and move the rest off-table for simplicity and safety reasons.

The barrels and boxes were not included in the set but they looked nice when strewn around the place, making it look inhabited. The watchmen have been known to see better when their bellies are full!

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