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Rise of Svedonnia

Back again with even more of my (surprisingly popular) Svedonnians!

I managed to finish off and base three more units and two heroes, with more coming down the line all the time. I've also recently managed to acquire a model that I've longed for since I saw first saw it on the glossy pages of White Dwarf many years ago... but more on that later!

Now let us have a look at my Peasant Archers, finished Knights of the Realm and more Men-at-arms:

Here are my Långö Långbogar, Longbows of the Long Island. A ragged but merry lot, standing happily behind their stakes that provide them protection and flaming ammunition. They do not carry their lord's coat of arms on their person but only on their banner, as is only fitting for a group of cowardly peasants. Should the banner ever touch the ground, the man carrying it loses his right hand for his unworthiness.

Dirty and weak, just as any commoners. All they're good for is drawing and aiming those cowardly ranged weapons that are a disgrace to those of us who honour the chivalric code (yet they're still so effective we need them in every battle!).

Their bases received the same treatment as all bases in Svedonnia: Stirland Battlemire drybrushed with Baneblade Brown and Balor Brown, with actual dried leaves and Mordheim Turfs glued on for decoration.

These fellows you're already familiar with, Gotteborg Gummilansar. They got their own pics here again as now their bases match the theme those filthy peasants tried out first. It turned out to be safe, nice and dry so the nobility followed up, claiming to have invented it themselves, of course!

Then some actual Games Workshop Men-at-arms, 20 brave men called Stuckholm Stammisar, or Stuckstrait Regulars. They will receive a further addition of 10 men once I find enough square bases to put them on. Carrying a relic to unbind enemy spells, this bunch will wade into the thickest of fights to disrupt and swamp enemy units while Svedonnian knights prepare for their game-deciding charge from an advantageous position.

The bases of these Men-at-arms also have leaves and such glued on them, but they are pretty effectively lost in the masses so I only bothered to deal out these extras to few chosen individuals.

A lonely old Svedonnian Lord Arvid Fredholm and an obese but always happy Paladin Gösta Storbuken. Together these heroes make sure that the peasants hold the line and the nobility keep their vows on the field of battle. Paladin Gösta has turned out to be especially inspiring to nearby commoners as he effortlessly swings his glowing crystal hammer about to crush the heads of the unworthy!

Lastly a quick glimpse into a training game I played with a mate a couple of nights back. My very own Aelves fighting the Svedonnians for control of some jungle ruins! It was a crushing defeat for the human race (I lost both my army and all the objectives), but we will gather more knights and ride forth for vengeance. Obviously the fault is all on my Men-at-arms who died in droves beneath the axes if the White Lions. Even my Archers did better with their skinning knives, as the pic above undeniably proves.

Next up some more heroes, the Trebuchet and perhaps even the Battle Pilgrims!

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