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Dawn of the Sunsplitterz


After weeks of planning, assembling and painting I have finally finished the first unit of my latest faction: Bonesplitterz Savage Orruks!

Green orruks just seemed too common to me so I went for a more personalized theme. Orange.

These ten Savage Orruks are armed with Weepwood Chompas and Bone Shields, forming the basis for my growing warclan. I have a Savage Big Boss, a Wurrgog Prophet and a unit of Savage Arrowboys still waiting to be painted!

To compliment the warmer choice of colour I went for a deep red on their scaly tunics and such, while keeping the furs and pelts a bit paler. Purple seemed like a nice choice for some variation in the palette, with black and light blue on the weapons to catch the eye as the one cold spot on the model. The rest was just dark wood and dirty bones.

There was plenty of muscle to paint in this merry lot. I started with a basecoat of Bugman's Glow washed over with Reikland Fleshshade, using two thin layers of Jokaero Orange to pick out each muscle cord and hump, leaving only the crevasses darker.

The weapons also received a pretty simple treatment: Abaddon Black highlighted with Dawnstone, and Ceramite White with a very very thin coat of Lothern Blue to make it pop out.

The header says Sunsplitterz. Who are the Sunsplitterz?

Well, I'm glad you asked. They are an aggressive and relatively young Bonesplitter tribe living in Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, hunting down any monsters they encounter to claim the energy of Gorkamorka they believe resides in the bones of any creature of such ferocity and size. Their skin comes in shades of orange instead of green due to their harsh living environment amidst the blood geysers and volcanoes of the land, but otherwise they do not seem to differ from any other Bonesplitter tribe in the Mortal Realms. It is their Wurrgog Prophet and his ambition that drives the tribe onward and earns them the name Sunsplitterz.
Ever since Prophet Wozoc Squinteye burst into the world from his volcanic mushroom, the big burning sphere in the sky has had his undivided attention. Surely such a powerful creature held untold power within it, how else could it float above the world and deliberately burn everyone in sight? With this in mind Wozoc went about his life's quest, gathering like-minded orruks arond him on his great journey to defeat and split the sun, to absorb its powers and to become the living embodiment of Gorkamorka in the Realms!

Here are some more pics on the first of the models from when I was testing out the scheme:

I hope I didn't traumatize you with these non-green orruks but believe me, the hobby is infinitely better with an open mind.

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