tiistai 25. huhtikuuta 2017

Change Has Come


Change inevitably comes to all things in time, even my beloved dwarven stronghold. While working hard to get some of my Bretonnians fully painted up to show you I found some time to hone my blog's appearance in between my studies and actual work. You may already recognize certain changes even as you're reading this, but let's just compare the current appearance to the old one to highlight the differences.

Here is the previous look of my hobby hideout:

That's from almost a year ago and my blog's been looking like that until very recently. Now with all the fanciness I've added and the "loose parts" I've cut off, this place has a nice and fresh outfit while still maintaining the same overall feel. At least that's what I aimed for.

So what did I actually do?

I edited this site's CSS and HTML quite heavy-handedly to implement stuff that Blogger does not offer by default. Here's a quick list of the changes:

- the top navigation bar got a new custom-skin with jovial buttons!

- the headers of the sidebar widgets were changed to themed icons
- crude battle report and tutorial links were hidden behind a handy drop-down menu
- the spacing of the items in the sidebar was adjusted to make it look more pleasing
- a small dwarf icon now decorates your browser's ExtraBushyBeards-tab
- the widget for following my posts was removed, all you need now is an email notification!

To leave some feedback on the changes I've made you can answer a small poll right at the bottom of the sidebar. Just select the options that reflect your reaction to these renovations and click Vote. The vote is open until the end of the month.

Until next time!

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