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Local League: Bloody Glory

Hi everyone!

Last week I joined an Age of Sigmar league in my local gaming store and began posting about my Aelf warband's progress. Well, yesterday we played the second 500p game in the league and I got paired with my regular greenskin opponent who you're all familiar with from many of my Narrative Battle Reports.

I also want to make a correction to my previous post: major victories are indeed 3 League Points each, while minor victories are worth 2 League Points (rather than just 1 which is what I told you previously).

Before delving further into the game itself I'd like to show you the list I used!

The pic is a bit grainy and unfocused, I was in a bit of a hurry while taking it. So this time around my list consisted of:

1x Loremaster
10x Spireguard
5x Reavers
1x Repeater Bolt Thrower

And as you can see I've got two units fully painted already, the Spireguard and the Reavers! More closer pics on them at the end of this post, now it is time to see how this warband fared against the many perils of the league!

The scenario we played was Blood and Glory and my opponent's army consisted of Savage Orruk Arrowboys, Orruks with shields, Orruk Boarboys, an Orruk Warboss and a Grot Shaman. I got the first turn and the game began!
By Grungni, that Bolt Thrower is good when a Loremaster casts the Hand of Glory upon it! The main events of the first two rounds were the total annihilation of the Boarboys on the first turn and the 70% casualties of the Arrowboys on the second, both caused by the ridiculously accurate volleys of ithilmar bolts! My Reavers also managed to take 3 Wounds off the enemy Shaman, leaving him hiding behind that ruined building with only 1 Wound remaining.
At the start of the third battleround everything seemed to be going well for the Aelves, their enemy's two most useful units had been pretty much decimated and their wizard was in his death throes. But what happened next was nothing short of pure tactical brilliance (and a good bit of orrukish luck)...
The Orruks, the Warboss and the Shaman were all hiding in the ruined building as my Aelves rained arrows and bolts upon them, while the three remaining Arrowboys took shelter behind the huge rock that looked like one of the orruk deities. All their heroes buffed the 10 Orruks to the max, giving them extra attacks, +1 To Hit and a Mystic Shield before sending them to charge my Spireguard. Their Arrowboys creeped closer and in an uncharacteristically accurate feat of marksmanship shot down one of my Bolt Thrower's crew, halving the efficiency of the warmachine.

My Spireguard naturally took a good beating as the Orruks-on-steroids rolled into them like the fist of Gork (or possibly Mork) himself, but they held and thanks to the presence of the Bolt Thrower I managed to maintain the control of the objective they were sitting on. The rest of the game was a grinding melee for the possession of that same objective, my Spireguard suffering heavy casualties under the pressure from both the Arrowboys and the Orruks but always taking enough enemies with them to the afterlife that I never lost the objective. My Reavers managed to take one of the enemy objectives and kill the Shaman before the Warboss slaughtered them, and the Arrowboys finally shot down my warmachine's last crew member, rendering it useless.

Then it all came down to the two objectives in my deployment zone...

There was still a possibility of a Greenskin major victory if they managed to claim all four objectives as the fighting of the final battleround took place in my end of the table. I had lost my chance for such a glorious achievement many rounds ago so I merely focused on keeping him from crushing me utterly.
Their Warboss charged into my Loremaster guarding one of my objectives alone, managing to wound him but not killing the brave Aelf. The Spireguard were fighting the remnants of both the Arrowboys and the Orruks, both of which finally lost their buffs and bonuses as they expired and the heroes giving them were dead or too far away. Each time an Aelf fell he took an Orruk with him, keeping me one model ahead of the attackers.

The champion of the Spireguard got named Watch Master Imladrik after his considerable feat of almost surviving three melee attacks (each powerful enough to slay him twice over) from Stormfiends in the last game, rolling 6, 6 and a 5 with his 6+ Save before getting ground to dust. This time I rolled his dice separately to track his performance, and I couldn't have been more surprised. While the regular Spireguard struggled to stay alive and not killing anyone in the combat phase, Imladrik danced into the fray with his sword flowing like quicksilver, felling Arrowboys and Orruks each turn!
As the combat in the final battleround began, he heroically slew the last remaining Arrowboy and scored me their points while his two remaining underlings just managed to keep themselves from dying. The objective was secure!

Then all eyes turned to the duel between the Warboss and the Loremaster, a final round of combat that would decide who took the objective. We were the last league players to still have our game unfinished, and this final duel gathered a great audience.
The Warboss drunk his Battlebrew to gain +2 to both Hit and Wound rolls and yelled a Waaagh! on himself, projecting 7 auto-hitting auto-wounding Rend attacks into my Loremaster hanging on 3 wounds. My Loremaster stood in cover which negated the effects of his Rend, so I carried on to roll those 4+ Saves...

And I failed only a single one! The Loremaster wove a web of steel around him with his greatsword, saving 6 and only taking that one damage! The boar and the retaliation from the Aelf did nothing so the game ended with both of us still controlling two objectives. We calculated the points and we were even.

It was a draw, so the league organizer gave us both 1 League Point. Yay!

So my Aelves have now earned their first League Point and I think I'm starting to get a hang of how the army plays. Many units like the Bolt Thrower are good but squishy, and I hope that in the bigger games I can spare a unit to protect them which in 500p games was quite difficult.
Imladrik is earning himself a fair reputation and I'm considering dubbing him Imladrik Beastbane for his succesful encounters with orruks and giant rats, perhaps even decorating his base with some bloody heads...
The next game will be a 1000p Border War so I need to get planning my army list options for Wednesday. The currently leading player (Skaven) has 5 League points in total so I have some spurting to do.

Here are the unit pics I promised, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy following this warband's rise to fame!


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