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Local League: Baptism by Fire


After the recent megabattle I decided to start small again and joined a league at my local game store with my newly acquired Aelves.

We play once a week: two 500p games, three 1000p games and finally a single 2000p for a total of six games, of which the four most successful will count towards the League Point total. Each major victory is worth 3 League Points, while a minor victory is 1 League Point. The scenarios are the Matched Play ones from the General's Handbook, with Escalation replaced by the final 2000p game which will be a special scenario.

We played the first games today and my 500p list looked like this:

1x Archmage
10x Spireguard
5x Reavers
2x Warhawk Riders

The scenario we played was Take and Hold and I got paired with Clan Skryre Skaven, confronting an Arch-Warlock, 5 Skryre Acolytes and 3 Stormfiends.

The Skaven player got to start the first battleround and advanced relentlessly with his Warlock and Stormfiends. Lets just say that his armoured fist of heavily armed rat brutes brushed aside my Spireguard and the Archmage, while my Reavers managed to take two Wounds off his Warlock.
My Reavers then shot and charged the Warlock, meaning to kill him and start running circles around the Stormfiends, but the pesky rat-hero was left on 1 Wound and promptly slaughtered my Reavers with his melee attacks and a one-use warpflame spew. Ouch.
The Warhawk Riders did better as they shot down one of the Acolytes, making three more run away in fear. By then they were my only unit on the table and they shot the enemy Warlock to death before charging and skewering the lonely Acolyte.
We ended the game at the halfway mark of battleround 4 as the Stormfiends could not hope catch me and I simply could not kill them all before the game would have ended on round 5. None of us controlled the objectives on the board so the end result was decided by enemy units destroyed: 200 points for me, 400 points for my opponent. He scored 1 League Point with this minor victory and my Aelves got their baptism by fire under the heavy fusillade of warpshot and -flame!

The board as the game drew to its conclusion
Next week we are playing the Blood and Glory scenario with 500p lists, let us hope that my Aelves will fare better then. Here are a few more pics on my army's theme, I currently have 4 models painted and many more to go (I'm aiming to finish this army by the time of that 2000p final game!) :

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