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Campaign: Beginner's Path to Glory

Looking for something small-scale, easy and fast to have a few games played off with mates over a weekend? Then this is something you're interested in!

Over the last few couple of days I've been working on a Path to Glory -campaign that is scaled down to be suitably fast-paced and interesting for new players, while still retaining the feeling of the original one. You follow your own personalized champion and his/her warband as they grow in strength and size, living a story that ends either in favor or disgrace in the eyes of your gods.

As I'm going to play this game type with a group of mates that don't necessarily own any models yet, I needed to focus this campaign around the models that I own myself. This may be a bit of a hindrance for some of you but trust me, I own a lot of models and you can always modify this campaign to better suit your own needs.

At the moment there are 7 factions available in the campaign:

- Free Peoples
- Slaves to Darkness
- Duardin
- Tomb Kings
- Seraphon
- Stormcast Eternals
- Wanderer Aelves

Each of these factions has its own Champion-, Follower- and Hero Follower -tables which you can roll on to determine the composition of your warband. I've also included Naming-Tables for each one, meaning that you can generate names for your heroes just by rolling a few dice!

Now let's take a closer look on some of the campaign features...

Champion and Follower Reward tables. Each time you've fought a battle against another player you make one of three choices: you roll for a new Follower, roll for a reward for an existing Follower or roll for a Champion Reward.
These Reward-tables are meant to represent the experience your models gain on the field as they fight the enemy, making existing units deadlier and more efficient than any fresh recruits.

The Champion table gives eleven possible bonuses (one of which is not an actual bonus...) for your champion, conferring in-game enhancements that reflect your warrior's growing skill and confidence on his quest to glory.

The Follower table contains 6 bonuses that represent the experience your followers gain as they progress from green recruits to hardened veterans. It is a tough choice whether to generate a new unit of followers after a battle or to enhance an existing one, as both are equally considerable options.

In the original Path to Glory each faction would have its own tables for rewards. To make things easier and faster for myself new players I put together these two generic ones that are used for every included faction.

Choosing Your Battles. As long as you have the General's Handbook (and you really really should have it) you're on a good footing with the scenarios of this campaign. Every single one of the six battles shown here can be found within the pages of that sacred book, with full explanations from how to set up your models to what you'll have to achieve to win. Just roll a dice and see which of the battles you'll dive into with your opponent!

I cherry picked the most fluffy ones I could find, while still trying to retain a certain neutrality so that the players might implement their own narratives into the battles they fight. Any of the battles can be freely modified or changed if the players wish. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be nice to suddenly declare in the middle of the campaign that every player now fights a special battle, one that isn't listed here. The special battle could also be worth some extra Glory Points. Interesting, eh?

Naming Your Heroes. Here are three of the total of seven naming tables which you can roll on to decide your hero names. I strove to include many different combinations that had a unique feeling to them, as well as a few funny/crazy ones.

Each of the seven factions has its own table. Each table requires three rolls with two dice to generate a name. First you roll your hero's forename, then the surname in two parts. Simple, isn't it?
This way there are eleven times eleven times eleven (11x11x11) possibilities for a character name on each table, meaning that one table is able to generate 1331 different names.

My aim is to help people forge their character's narrative with these tables. What cool background story will you come up with for a champion named Fauadan Mosswarrior? What about Vorax Madwit? Titus Twinbreaker?
Once a name is generated it will be a fun challenge to figure out how to explain it in the story!

By the way, I enjoyed making these tables immensely. If you have a faction in mind that you think should receive a naming table like this, just let me know and I'll make one.

Now that we've looked into the campaign in a bit more detail, it is time to publish it. Here's the link to the PDF -file:

Beginner's Path to Glory

I'll end this post with the same thought I used in my last campaign: Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

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