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Campaign: Beginner's Path to Glory v1.1 Update

Good morning everyone!

At your request I've updated my Beginner's Path to Glory -campaign with three new factions as well as slight rule modifications, all according to your good wishes and suggestions.

The three new factions I added are Ogors, Beastmen and Greenskinz. The Ogors-faction mainly contains models from the Gutbuster Ogors range, while the Beastmen are a combination of Brayherd and Warherd subfactions. The Greenkinz are a mesh-up of Orruks, Gitmob Grots, Moonclan Grots and Troggoths, similar to the old Orcs&Goblins faction of the Fantasy Battles. I plan on adding Ironjaws and Bonesplitters as their own entries later on.

Each of the added factions has its own Champion-, Hero- and Follower tables, as well as a Naming Your Heroes -table to generate unique personalities from.
Will your rampaging Ogor warband be lead by Orag Doomslayer or Trekig Deathseeker?
What story will you weave behind a Beastmen champion called Taalar Rusthoof or Northoz Gianthorn?
Can the motley Greenskin crew of Grug Shroombasher or Kurbag Githand ever grow into a mighty Waaagh! ?

The slight rule-modification I made was an addition to the Creating Your Warband instructions:
The rules now specify that if you roll on the Hero Followers table of your faction and get a result that you already have in your warband (either as a Champion or a Hero Follower) you must re-roll the result. This is to reduce the possibility of a player having multiples of the same Hero while adding to the fun as the diversity of your Followers increases!

Without further introduction I present you the link to the updated full version of the campaign (ie. you don't need the old pdf anymore):

Beginner's Path to Glory

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