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Vengeance From Above

Hello folks!

I know there's been a slight pause in my posting lately but don't let that bother you, I've been working my arse off whole summer to accumulate some funds, mostly for studies and more plastic crack models, but also for this brand new high-tier laptop I'm currently writing on. Hell yea this thing is silent, fast and powerful!

But enough of my new shiny gear with which I can now serve you better, I've got some progress on my Scarlet Sentinels I wanted to show you.

And here are my Prosecutors with Stormcall JavelinsYes, they're the hammer-wielding versions from the Starter Set but I made some... slight modifications.
Most importantly I cut off their hammers and replaced them with spears from the Ungors boxed set and gave them large round shields from the Minotaur kit. With this "celestial but primal & brutal" -thing going on in my Stormcast army I think those spears and shields really catch the theme for these guys. Just look at those splintered shields with all the bones and trinkets!

Their wings I kept unmodified but wanted to put something bright on them to contrast with the otherwise dark colours of this force. Basically it's just white, yellow, orange and red, all washed over with Casandora Yellow shade. I really like the delicate (although fragile) feeling of the wings, they were a pleasure to paint, not to mention that flying around with magical energy-wing projectors on your back is extremely bad-ass!

And here's the Prosecutor Prime, armed with a Stormsurge Trident and a regular Stormcall Javelin. Of course, for game purposes he's still armed with a Trident and a shield, I just didn't have any Minotaur shields left.
Some of you might notice that I painted faces on them. I think the "face" is originally meant to be a metallic war-mask, similar to the ones on Liberators, but as my force is all about the human side of Stormcasts I decided to imagine it was their face. Their expressions look grim but they've been through a lot of shit so that's understandable.

I have one last trick up my sleeve: magnetized wings!
After seeing my brother's painful attempts to transport his Stormcast army I decided I'd solve that issue already in the assembly-stage. I bought some cheap small magnets from my local gaming store and put my file and clippers to work, resulting in easily removable wings that still look good on the model!

As with the rest of my Scarlet Sentinels, these three are on blank bases. Like before, I ask you to wait patiently as I'll base them all at the same time when the force is assembled and painted.

A little bonus for those who have read this post all the way down here: smartphone art with the Prisma app!

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