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August Community Painting Project

Greetings everyone!

I apologize that the rate at which new posts appear here at ExtraBushyBeards has greatly slowed down during the last few weeks. I just started my university studies and they've been quite... occupying.

Now I will step up my posting rate once more, starting with this August Community Painting Project!
Hopefully I'll also get in a game or two soon to provide you with more Narrative Battle Reports to read.

The model to be painted in August had the definition of Leader. As long as the unit being painted has the Leader battlefield role in the General's Handbook it is considered fair game. I took full advantage of this by painting up my Scarlet Sentinels' Lord-Celestant on Dracoth.

And here he is, Lord Boremund atop his faithful mount, Wyllis!
The model was the hardest one ever to assemble, but painting it was a pleasure. I picked a dark red (almost brownish) colour for the Dracoth's skin to better bring out the glowing recesses of its scales. Otherwise the model followed the dark and savage look of the rest of my Scarlet Sentinels, with steel, red and gold being the most dominating colours.

As you can probably see I've done some conversion work on the model to differentiate him from the classic Starter Set Lord-Celestant. Most notable change is the axe, taken from the Minotaurs box and decorated with a comet from the Greatswords set. To add to his savage look I gave him a Minotaur shield with the skull of some slain beast strapped on. His helmeted head was also changed to a bare one, with braided black beard and a... ermmm... celestial monocle?

The shield fitted perfectly on the arm holding the reins. He is equipped with a Sigmarite Thundershield and a Thunderaxe, allowing him to passively deal out mortal wounds and gain additional attacks from nearby Stormcast units.

Some of the glowing scale recesses can be seen here, but the next pics will show them a bit better.

The other side of the model. The base is still undone (pardons!) as I'll base the army later as a whole.
An interesting thing to point out on this pic is the comet/orb on top of Lord Boremund's thunderaxe. I tried my luck in getting a star-sky/cosmos/universe look on it by liberally applying different blues as washes and thinned down paints and I have to say I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out.

The same orb from the other side. Lord Boremund's celestial monocle (now clearly visible) was a thing I didn't personally like at first... but I got used to it and now I like how it makes him a bit more "lordly" and all.

Overall I'm happy with the result. Converting and changing parts was fun, as was painting this awesome mount! I also enjoyed painting the orb as it was something completely new to me, I spent more time on it than I probably should have.

The model looks different to the one my brother has from the Starter Set and that matters the most. I only have three Decimators to go and the Scarlet Sentinels will be based and showcased as a Finished Army!

This month's Community Painting Project was a blast, as always. Looking forward to the next one!

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