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Wazzuk Itchyscratch

Hi everyone!

In between my numerous Narrative Battle Reports, I've managed to find some time to paint and convert models. Most of the models I finished are not Dwarves (sadly), but I'm looking to get some Slayers done soon, as well as a couple of Dwarf heroes. I need every model I can get in the larger battles that are soon to be played in my battle reports!

But let us leave the planning aside, I actually have something to show you. I decided to give my respectable Orcs&Goblins -opponent a gift, as he's the one featuring in more than half of the Narrative Battle Reports I've had. He loves Forest Goblin Spider Riders so I offered to convert him a Goblin Big Boss On Gigantic Spider from one of his Spider Rider champions.
This is how it turned out!

Here's the finished model. What I did on the spider was cut all the forelegs and two of the hind-legs at middle joints to re-position them, giving the model more width and height than it previously had. Next I built a "saddle" from two Goblin shields, one with a wooden plank texture and the other with a twined leather texture (there'll be a better pic on that later), after which I attached a banner to it. I believe the banner's from a Wolf Rider box but I can't say for sure.

The Goblin itself had nothing added or removed, he looks nice and bossy enough for a Forest Goblin anyway.
The model's base is simply two old cavalry bases held together by a piece of cardboard. I painted the ground brown to let the receiver of this gift add any base textures that he deems fitting for his army. Oh, except for those mushrooms. I just couldn't resist adding a few of dem mushrooms!

The backside of the model. Here the twined leather texture of the saddle's back piece can be seen, along with an uncomfortably placed iron spike (I really feel like the spider doesn't appreciate it).
On the spider I tried to get a sort of a "black widow" look, a dark carapace with faint gray drybrushing to bring up the edges and then the bright red skull on the back. A nice contrast, I think, which is why I continued the same theme on the saddle banner/standard. The Goblin Boss also has the red-and-black theme on his wargear, mainly on the shield and the feathers on his headwear.

Here you can see how the model has been given some extra height, with its belly not touching the ground as it does in the original model. The two foremost legs were positioned forward, to give the spider a more threatening and aggressive pose. From this angle the gleaming red eyes and the nasty fangs are also visible.

A very nice model to convert and paint, the slowest part of this project was the one-by-one cutting and re-positioning of the spider's legs. The saddle, the Goblin and the painting of the whole model were relatively fast, I finished this model in one single day (which is quite a good speed for me!).
I named him Wazzuk Itchyscratch while painting him, and now I'm looking forward to facing this menace on the battlefield so I can blast him into oblivion!

"He who has power to create also has the power to destroy"

My next post will be a new addition to my Dwarf army. I call this project The Indomitable, but I won't let you know what it is until I've finished it. Until then!

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