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The Colours of the Company

Hi all!

Looks like it's time for a couple of Dwarf heroes I managed to paint up. Without any further nonsense, I'm happy to introduce you the General of the Iron Company, Ungrim Ironhelm!

I really really like this model. Standing on an Oathstone with a relaxed pose like this makes him stand out from among my other models quite well. It also makes him a bit taller so he can face is enemies at eye-level before smashing them to smithereens with his runic hammer!
The model is from a "Dwarf Lord and Battle Standard Bearer" -box which I got for free from a guy at a hobby forum when I bought some of his other models. Now that I checked the Games Workshop website, they don't even have this "Dwarf Lord On Oathstone" -model available anymore. Luckily I managed to get my hands on one, and to top it off, he's all metal! What a fine model to act as the General of my growing Iron Company!

Now on to the painting process. I selected blue to be the dominating colour as Ungrim Ironhelm is a disgraced lord from the hold of Karak Izor and I wanted him to honour his past. The Dwarves are proud of their lineage, after all.
There's lots of gold, of course, to show off his wealth and high position. But then, the beard...
I was almost going to paint his beard white or grey, to indicate his great age, but then I thought that I could make him more exciting. To make him really stand out from among the other Dwarves I've got, I selected his magnificent beard to be red. At first it looked terrible, but I think now that the model is finished the beard melts in quite nice, and brings a certain contrast to the dominating blue.
Come to think of it, if Ungrim Ironhelm gets himself slain on the many fields of battle I'm sending him in, I can always start calling this model "Ragnar Redmane" and develop a new story around him!

Next let us take a look at Grumdin Splintershield, the Battle Standard Bearer of the Iron Company.

Here he is, in all his glory!
Grumdin comes from Clan Helhein, hence the green of his clothing. My Iron Company mercenary army consist of Dwarves from three clans and holds: Bronzebeards clan, clan Helhein and the hold of Karak Izor. Red, green and blue, respectively.
I needed my company's Battle Standard to look like my company's Battle Standard, so I divided the banner into three roughly equal sections and painted them in the colours of the clans, symbolizing their union under the leadership of Ungrim Ironhelm. To be clear, the clans themselves haven't united in any way, merely some Dwarves from all three clans decided to put up a multi-coloured party that they call the Iron Company.

With the fluff-side of things now settled, I'll explain some of the colour selections. Grumdin Splintershield, the standard bearer, is a respected warrior of clan Helhein (as his long and white beard indicates) so I garbed him in green.
The banner itself had to look like the valuable and inspiring device that it is, and what could possibly inspire mercenary dwarves more than the glint of gold? Nothing! Thus the heavy load of gold.

Overall I'm quite happy with how both of them turned out. The tri-coloured banner looks quite nice, but I'm still wondering whether or not to add black lines in between the three different colour sections to separate them more clearly from each other.
The red beard of Ungrim Ironhelm really bothered me at start, but as I progressed with the painting it looked more and more natural. Well, at least he now stands out!

At the moment it looks like the unique Narrative Battle Report scenario I promised will have to wait, but I'll try my best to deliver you even some kind of battle report as soon as I'm able. Next I shall post up some pics of the "Ironbreaker alternatives" I bought from Spain.

Until then!

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