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Marius the Must-have

Right, I know this blog should mainly be about Dwarves/Duardin but until I finish a handful of my new Slayers you'll have to settle for posts about my other armies.

I have longed for one single miniature for years now, a model that is simply so fantastically sculpted and magnificently written in fluff, a Hero that is unique, effective and unpredictable all at the same time. Yes, I'm talking about Marius Leitdorf, the Mad Count of Averland.

For so long I have wanted this miniature, to paint it lovingly and have it lead my Talabheimer army to either doom or triumph. "Why should the Count of Averland lead a force from Talabheim?" you might ask. Why, I don't think it matters as everyone's dead anyway and in Age of Sigmar you can explain basically anything with pocket dimensions, souls, spirits, incarnations, and magic. And gods, for the love of Sigmar, gods most of all.

I just really love the model and the background, and I don't own any Special Characters (I think they're just Named Heroes these days) while many others in my local gaming club do, so I'd like to have one. Especially one like Marius!

Today I'm going to order him from Games Workshop web store. He's 30€, and that's a lot for a single model, as he's not even riding a monster... (Although Daisy is an exquisite warhorse! In the older fluff it said that each time before displaying an act of tactical brilliance Marius would consult his trusty mount for advice. Now that's just hilarious!)

The reason to buy this slighty expensive miniature right now instead of waiting for a cheaper offer to pop up is simple: if the rumours are true, the old model lines are to be replaced by newer ones as the time flows past, or at least there will be some repacking. I will not take the risk of Marius being scrapped from the face of the earth before I get my hands on him, or the risk of his price going up up up along with a new (proposedly white-grey and boring) package. Once I have him painted and locked up in my Warhammer display shelf I'll be happy (and mentally complete).

I'm going to the club tomorrow, perhaps I'll manage to snap a few pics of my games and write a narrative battle report up here :)

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