sunnuntai 13. syyskuuta 2015

Pump Up the Slayers!

At last! A bunch of brand new Slayers, fresh from the oven!

After working on them for hours and considering/testing different Shades to wash them with I finally managed to come to a decision and pump the number of finished Trollslayers up to 8. That's six new ones, while the first two models got a rework on their impressive hair. Really nice models to paint, as I have said several times now, and very very customizable.

I'm trying to paint them to represent the different clans that form my mercenary army. Mainly I just paint their loincloths/tabards/whatever-that-is-hanging-between-their-legs green, red or blue. Some of them only have trousers of some kind, and as the one I painted all leathery looks too blank and boring, I decided to try something more challenging (read: free hand) with my mediocre painting skills and came up with this Obelix-style!

I really like the model next to him; the lad that's having a drink in the middle of the battle! I bet he's the bravest chap in this lot. There are five great axes in total in this package of 20 Slayers, and as the first lad bearing a great axe (the one holding it in both hands) was a pain to assemble, I decided to have the second one resting it on his shoulder with one hand while having a mug of beer in the other. Much easier and more unique! Luckily they have these spare bits and items in the kit, like the mug, as it makes personalizing your unit a real joy.

Here I added the warpaints. I use this deep blue over the Shade as it looks bright and nice with the orange of their hair. The warpaint patterns are very limited thus far, mainly just dots or a solid line around an arm, a runic B-letter, a square-ish spiral etc... Every time I paint these I tell myself that I'll find some nice runes and such from the 8th edition Army Book I have on the shelf. Haven't got so far as picking up the book. Perhaps some day...

I recently discovered the possibility to apply a layer of paint upon my models' facial features. A fancy way of saying that I finally realized to paint their faces blue. This one was a test, but I think I'll google up some Scottish facial warpaint patterns and use them to make these lads look even more furious!

Soon I'll hope to finish the rest 12 models of this lot so that I can move on to paint my 6th ed Dwarf Warrior unit.

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