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Thematic Terrain

Time for a quick look at my recently expanded collection of terrain!

The last terrain-related posts I made were some homemade ruins and barricades, right? Well of course not, there was this huge watchtower and all not too long ago! How could you not remember that?
Anyway, this time I haven't built any of these myself, I merely painted them and sat down in awe to marvel at their beauty. Some of them have also made appearances in battle reports and tutorials without any special mentions.

This post is all about those special mentions.

We kick off with a groupshot. This whole bunch is from Momminiaturas, cast resin terrain that I basecoated black before applying a couple of very simple drybrushes and washes to achieve this look.

There's a dwarf stone golem which I play as a Gronti-Duraz (more on that later), two dwarven pillars that I left in two separate pieces on purpose (to simulate ruins/damage), two elven waystone-esque pillars that make great arcane terrain pieces for a game of AoS, two phoenix braziers that I gave blue flames just for that magical tingly feeling and finally the elven altar that made an appearance in the 3rd Beardling tutorial along with the other elven terrain. In addition I have some barrels, strongboxes and urns to be scattered around the battlefield in house ruins, settlements, walls etc.

All in all a nice collection of thematic terrain to add a little flavour to battles when used alongside more commonly seen hills, forests, rocks and rivers.

This golem is just humongous. Made entirely out of solid rock and inscribed with runes of power, this durable giant is going to wreak havoc on the field with its enormous hammer. I basecoated it black, rummaged through my paint storage for fifty shades of grey, grabbed my drybrush and just went to town. The final touch was picking out the runes with Lothern Blue to make them really pop up. Done!

There were no rules to be found for Gronti-Duraz (obviously), so me and one of my regular opponents devised a warscroll for it to be used in our narrative battles. I'll put the warscroll here, available for everyone, but keep in mind that it is purely made up and should not be used against your opponent without his/her total consent. And no, Matched Players, this model does not have a points value.

Pretty tough guy, this one. The aim was not to make him extremely powerful or to perfectly fulfill any particular role in an army, the abilities and stats are meant to make this angry duardin statue feel like and angry duardin statue when played on the battlefield. The buff to saves is mostly useless to shield-bearing Dispossessed units once they get into combat, and the unbinding is done much more cost-effectively by Runelords. However, Gronti-Duraz can take a punch (or twelve) and keep dishing out damage that rends apart whole formations of enemy warriors or severely slows down and bruises an enemy monster that was on its way to do the same to the duardin battleline.

In narrative megabattles this rockbeard is going to be an awe-inspiring sight as it wades into the fray, towering over a sea of warriors!

Finally, there are two MDF Realmgates. They arrived flat in an envelope, I pushed the pieces out, glued them together and applied some colours of my own to personalize them a bit. Quick and easy!
The fiery gate on the right made an appearance in one of the recent battles, scorching a bunch of unfortunate Grots before allowing them to travel through its gaping maw to reappear on the enemy flank. I'd say they are suitably sized for Age of Sigmar scale, acting as some lesser realmgates if nothing else. I'll be sure to involve these peculiar and dangerous ways of transportation in my games more often, they add a whole new layer of optional approaches and tactics to the battle at hand.

That's the end of the terrain gallery for now. Next up, a narrative battle report!

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