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Ruins of the Realms

Hello folks!

I promised to come up with some terrain I've made recently, and here I am. I found this excellent Youtube tutorial by Miscast Terrain on how to use this odd foam-board-fluffy-stuff (I seriously can't remember the material's name right now) to build some awesome terrain. As a theme for this bunch I chose "Ruins of the Realms" type of thing, as my current hoard of terrain pieces has precious few ruins in it, making epic battles in a destroyed city quite difficult to set up.

And here are the first ones! From left to right: Realmgate/Sacrificial Altar, Stone Totem and two generic Ruined Buildings.
The material is amazingly easy to handle and shape, all you need is scissors and a knife. I cut out pieces that were about the size I needed, then cut them into shape with scissors while smoothing some edges and picking chunks out of the sides to create a more stoney look. All the little pieces that you produce while tidying things up make very nice rubble to glue on the larger areas and create some detail, too!

I then grabbed my knife and drew the cracks on the stone, sprayed it all black and finally took up my biggest brush and drybrushed all over it with different shades of grey. As an extra touch I painted some glow on the runes. Quick, cheap and easy terrain.

These were my very first attempts at the material. I cut out "bars" of the foam, then sliced them into rough bricks. After rounding some edges I glued them together randomly to create Rock Piles, Walls and Fences. The wooden sticks are some kind of spikes you barbecue things in, they have nice pointy ends. Kind of like toothpicks, but longer and thicker.

These pieces of terrain I sprayed grey before drybrushing with lighter greys and some very light brown. The ones spayed black looked better to my eye, to be honest.

Here are the pieces before any paint was applied. The foamy board they're standing on is the material I'm talking about, you can get many boards of it quite cheap if you manage to find it somewhere. I used PVA glue to put the pieces together with a few toothpicks here and there to add some structural support (inside the Realmgate's pillars, for example). The owner of the Miscast Terrain channel explains these tips and tricks very nicely in his videos.

Here's a pic of this brand new terrain in use, representing the outskirts of the city of Phoenicium being battled over by Greenskinz and Slaves to Darkness, both striving to earn points for their faction in the Season of War.

So that's it for terrain for now, next up will be my July Community Painting Project!

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