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The Name Is Krankengang, Heinrich Krankengang

Hi there folks!

Today I'm going to give you a breeze from the past! I recently acquired an old metal Mordheim model in a trade, and it's none other than the badass Witch Hunter Captain!

I simply love this model. Standing there in such a balanced and decisive pose, casually resting his broadsword against his shoulder while hanging a severed head by the hair. He also has this epic "streaming hair" effect as if he was standing in front of a giant fan!
His splendid longcoat and multiple layers of flamboyant clothing really strike him as a man of the Empire, as does the fact that he carries at least three different weapons. One can never be too cautious when the job description includes hunting down witches and mutants!

May I introduce you to Heinrich Krankengand, a merciless Witch Hunter! I apologize for the somewhat crappy quality of the pics, my table lamp did some strange tricks on the lens.
I gave his longcoat the colour of dark brown, which along with the black of his hair and trousers is supposed to make him look more sinister and ominous. His gloves and boots I decided to give a lighter colour to make them stand out, and his undershirt (along with the sleeves) was painted to represent "natural" or dirty white.
His vest or whatever piece of clothing he has in between the undershirt and the longcoat was given a nice red colour, mostly because I wanted something bright among all the dark and dirty.
His weapons are of the highest quality, of course, so they have lots of gold and rich purple on the hilts, as well as the tiny blue gems for decoration.

His backside. The hand that holds the severed head, the hangman's noose and the mysterious book are all nice details on the model's otherwise uninteresting back. I love how the hair of the head "flows" in between the Witch Hunter's gloved fingers, it looks so sturdy somehow... and grotesque. Ugh.
The hangman's noose is just badass. It seems to be yelling out "I see a witch, I kill the witch", and it's easy for me to imagine this guy executing any heretics right on the spot rather than waiting for some pesky trial (bah!).
The book this guy hangs from his belt is intriguing. I painted it black and made sure to give it shiny golden parts to make it look mysterious and valuable. Could it be a list of suspects and the accused? An impound grimoire? A book of Sigmarite prayers? A journal?
Had I written "Big Mamma's Cook Book" on the cover it wouldn't be half as interesting, now would it!

This here pic is better than the first ones. Here the colours look a bit richer and more like they do in real life. Notice the red lining on the boots and the golden lining on the red shirt. Looks expensive!
I searched out my Ulthuan Grey colour (it's rarely used) to add a spooky effect on the severed head: blank eyes! The intent was to have it look like the hapless victim's eyes rolled up as he was decapitated, making him look even more dead than severed heads usually do.

And the last picture. His ugly face is shown brilliantly here, those black eyebrows make him look quite angry!
I'm going to use this model as a Witch Hunter in my Empire army, and as the warscroll has the weapon options for a Blessed Rapier or a Silver Greatsword I wanted to make the model's broadsword represent these even somehow. In addition to the expensive-looking hilt, I painted the blade shiny and silvery to make it look more blessed or silvered.

Now Witch Hunter Heinrich Krankengang is ready to hunt some witches!

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