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North Clubbers


Some of you asked me to show some pics of the local club I'm always talking about.
So here comes a deeper look on our "Miniature Gaming Club of Mynämäki" and its history!
(yeah the club name's a bit bulky but it had to be descriptive)

First of all we operate in the local youth center which we can use for free with a written permission from our municipality. The entire youth center is dedicated solely to our club every Thursday evening, and we have the right to use it every Saturday we want.

We're being supported monetarily by the municipality should we ever want to purchase something for our club (more paints, more test models, more books). The youth center also happens to be recently renovated! We have lots of space, chairs and tables, and we are allowed to use the center's storage room to keep our club stuff in.
The place is locked up and guarded properly since it is located in the middle of our town. We even received our very own key so we can come and go as we wish!

Here's some pics from the club:

The painting table. Our club provides paint and brushes for those who don't have their own (yet!)

The reading corner. White Dwarf -magazines, old rulebooks, painting guides, GW catalogues...

The "Showcase"! This here pic is from the time of 8th ed (see the rule-summaries next to the armies)
The purpose of our club is to allow every willing soul to come and try out the hobby free of cost! Only by trying the whole thing out with the club's paints, brushes, terrain and models can the newbies make a justifiable decision whether to jump into the hobby or not!

Although our municipality is relatively small (some 8000 inhabitants) we have faced great success! Many people have started the hobby by purchasing models for their very own collections after getting hyped by the activity in our club.

Me and two of my mates run the club voluntarily, managing the acquisitions and introducing new people into the hobby. Just last year we were honored with the municipal "Youth of the Year" -award and received a hefty sum for the club to further enhance the user experience in the future!

We've also received many donations: the town's old hobbyists gave out some of their excess models and terrain, a be-a-utiful gaming table was handed to us by a fantasy game store in the nearby city of Turku and finally a local carpenter enterprise gifted us with custom-sawed gameboard-materials!

Now, more pics:

Dark Elves and Empire clashing in an introductory game! (8th ed)

Dark Elves Invasion scenario (8th ed)

Dwarves and Lizardmen battling it out between two beginners (8th ed)
The beautiful donation gaming table from the fantasy game store!
An ambush-setup from my latest game (AoS)
Now that this post is up and running, there should be another Narrative Battle Report coming up in a week or so... Until then!

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