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Two-And-A-Half Madmen

Hello there!
I just finished up painting a Slayer command group and my collection jewel: Marius Leitdorf, the Mad Count, Ruler of Averland!

First let's talk about those three half-madmen over there. Nice models, as I always say when posting about these Avatars of War miniatures. That banner looks like a pain in the ass to assemble (it came in two parts, the pole and the handle) but it was surprisingly easy to get in place. Didn't fall off even once! I was positively surprised!
There's not really much to say about the musician. I gave him the largest axe in the box to compensate for the one he had to trade for the horn.

They'll get some warpaint soon enough to make them look less blank.
But now its time for the champion, which I also use as a Slayer King!

A champion in a unit of Trollslayers, but also a Slayer King. I tried to give him as much resemblance to the real Ungrim Ironfist model as I could:
- His axe looks almost the same, two blades that have dragon heads on them
- a red cloak to resemble the Dragon Cloak Ungrim is wearing
- a pole on his back that carries a red/white banner filled with runes.

He also got the single most glorious mohawk in the box along with an extra bushy beard!
In my narrative battle reports and army fluff I'll play him as Malakai Smensson, a Slayer Lord that has joined his Slayer warband to my mercenary Dwarves of the Iron Company (using the warscroll of Ungrim Ironfist). I'm looking forward to his epic and glorious deeds in the field!

When I'm not playing him as a Slayer Lord, he'll only be a Slayer champion that really stands out in the unit.

On to my favourite character in the whole Warhammer universe (both the old and the AoS one), Marius Leitdorf!
As soon as mail delivered him to me I basecoated him and while he dried properly I did a bit research on different colour schemes. Finally I settled on the original one, the one on the Games Workshop website. Except for the Runefang which I thought was a bit dull-looking. And here's the result!

I tried to stick to the original paint scheme as accurately as I could, although I wanted the purple, blue and yellow to be a little brighter. The sword I think looks more magical now, while his stiletto dagger remained a mundane weapon, made of steel. The best steel available, of course.
Next I'll give him a protective layer of varnish to keep the paint from coming off while transporting him around. Enemies of the Empire beware, my army now has a new general...

Now that I mentioned my Empire army, here's the one:

A Talabheim army. I have a great deal of writing to do if I'm ever going to explain how the Elector Count of Averland is leading a Talabheimer force!
I guess nobody cares, at least at our local club, if I play him with a non-Averland army. Not if I explain the situation well, at the very least! We'll see what I can come up with.

Looking to get a game in with him next week and making a narrative batrep of it.
One last thing I have to say: this model I've painted isn't comparable to even a quarter of the models one can find on the internet, but I can safely say it is the single most succesful paintjob I've ever made. It is the culmination of my current painting skills at their best, and I'm proud of it :)

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