perjantai 14. elokuuta 2015

A Hydra!

Hello again!

Sorry for the long time between posts, I've been kept busy :) I really don't have anything of my own to show, but luckily my brother has been more succesful. My brother proudly presents...

An Exile Aelfs War Hydra!

A neat model, dynamic in its way, and has a very very threatening pose. My brother went for the magma/lava theme, with fiery colours showing from beneath the pitch black scales. The creature's chest looks like its gathering heat for the next gout of flame :) A very aggressive colour selection, but it fits a monster of this caliber perfectly!

I hear it was a pleasure to assemble and paint this model, even though the right foreleg left a little gap in the stone it was attached to, no matter how you repositioned it. A small flaw compared to the overall look of the model.

The standard green Hydra theme would've too blank and neutral, this model is a slaughterer on the battlefields of Age of Sigmar, it deserves a more eye-catching paintwork!
It has already feasted upon my poor Dwarf Lord in our last game. Damn those regenerating wounds!

Now my brother is working on the handlers. Nice, slender, elfish, dynamic and beautifully cast models both of them, but the monster they're handling is really the one who does all the killing! :P

Hoping to post something of my own soon!

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