torstai 9. maaliskuuta 2017

Hearthguard Reinforcements

Hey all!

During the league I got my painting balanced between speed and passable quality, so now I've put this newly-acquired skill to good use.

Here are some models I've painted up from the pile of plastic that fills my every closet:

First up, my 20 Hammerers!

They are the King's Guard unit from Avatars of War that I acquired from a Black Friday sale. They so closely resemble the GW Hammerers that I figured I'd get myself a bulky unit for much cheaper than the original models.

Gave their flag the colours of Karak Izor, the greatest of the clans that make up my Iron Company duardin army. Added the rune of Everpeak/Everlasting Mountain as well as runes for Khazalid words "hammer" and "dwarf".

The speedpainting technique I applied here was very speedy, as the result shows. What I did was a basecoat of Abaddon Black, followed by plenty of drybrushed Ironbreaker. Then four different browns and Dawnstone for some variance in the beards, and clan colours on their undertunics. The final touches were Gehenna's Gold and Spiritstone Red for their jewelry and some Nuln Oil wash on the beards.

I had to stick to this very limited and cheap technique as I still have 20 Warriors and 20 Quarrelers looking at me angrily from across the table even now. Not to mention my fledgling Bonesplitterz warband! 

This grim chap here is Morgrim Stoutback, a Warden King loyal to Ungrim Ironhelm and his Iron Company. Morgrim hails from the conservative clan of Helhein who refuse to use gunpowder in their weaponry, instead preferring to stick to more traditional ways of waging war such as axes hammers and crossbows.

This model is one of my all-time favourites. So tranquil and unmoving, yet still threatening and posing a commanding presence. So simple and straightforward: a helmet capped under his arm and a heirloom axe to carry out his vengeance upon those who have done his clan wrong. The little personal book of grudes on his left hip is just a hilarious addition that many miss the first times they lay their eyes upon this magnificent model!

Then some scenery: two King's Walls from the Battle for Skull Pass 7th Edition Starter Set.

Very simple colours for the stone and the metal, I even left the Reikland Fleshshade wash on to give the gold parts a more brass-like look. I freehanded some runes on the shields resting against the walls, the Rune of Stone and the Rune of Shielding if I remember correctly.
I really like the dwarfiness of these terrain pieces, they're short and squat just like their builders.

Grimnir's beard! Some beardling has left a tankard of Bugman's ale unguarded!

Bonus model for those of you who've read this far: Chaos Lord Titaharr the Executioner.

He is a Barbarian model from a Spanish company called Momminiaturas but he fits the role of a power-hungry maniac just fine... he even carries a giant daemon-possessed axe around!
I painted him in the colours of my Tzeentch Slaves to Darkness so he can now set out to collect heads according to the Great Schemer's mysterious plans.

Working hard to get that Narrative Battle Report out. Until next time!

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