lauantai 3. joulukuuta 2016

Campaign: Beginner's Path to Glory v1.3 Update

Hi there!

Just a quick update on the Beginner's Path to Glory -campaign set, containing fixes and factions!

In this update I fixed some problems with how the campaign PDF pages were displayed, overlapping some of the text. I also added faction pages for Fyreslayers and Skaven!

The Skaven faction contains all the major clans on one page: Verminus, Pestilens, Skryre, Moulder and Eshin. Followers and Hero Followers are rolled on their respective tables, with each result having an option for each of the clans; this way I saved a lot of space and time while enabling players to focus on one of the clans or cherry pick their favourites from all five options.

Also included are the Naming Your Heroes -tables for both of these new factions. What will happen to the diminished warrior fyrd of Karain Firehunter on his quest for ancestral glory? Will Tovik Goldslayer be able to fend off the ferocious attacks of Kutx Rotstabber and his verminous horde long enough to complete the construction of the Monolith of Grimnir? Are you clever enough to come up with a reasonable background story for a Skaven Warlord named Lashin Chitterwhisker?

Take this and find out

Until next time!

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