perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2016

The Might of the Wilds

Hi there!

With myself occupied by my next BIG project for this blog, all I have to offer you for now is something my brother painted recently.

An Incarnate Elemental of Beasts alternative that just arrived from Spain!

This beauty here goes by the name of Bestia Infernal, and he/she/it comes from Momminiaturas in Spain. He only costs 20€ so for a large and intimidating model like that he/she/it is pretty cheap!
There were mould lines to remove and a whole bunch of gaps (and bubbles) that had to be filled with greenstuff, but it turned out amazing and my brother thinks it was worth all that little extra work for such a model.

The base had that rocky look from the start and it does look nice when all painted up! When I asked my brother how he would describe the experience of preparing and painting this model all he said was "helvetin hyviä makkaroita."

He uses this model as an Incarnate Elemental of Beasts in his Beastmen army, which is totally okay with everyone in our local gaming club and store. The model is large enough and has the talons and horns to match the weapons and rules in the Warscroll, after all. A truly terrifying monster to face on the field of battle, but also a gorgeous model to lay one's eyes on!

For more reviewed models from Momminiaturas, check out my Ironbreaker alternatives.

Now have a piece of Prisma art or two to make your day!

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