sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2016

Watchers of the Way

Hi there!

After quite a while I have finally got something painted again. This time I had some Ironbreakers and my girlfriend's Waywatchers on the workbench, and here are the results:

The Waywatchers! Very nice models in my opinion, old metallic ones. There are a total of 6 models with four different pose variations: the two with knives, the two clearly females, the one leaning on a tree stump and the one reaching for an arrow.
I basecoated them black and applied the chosen palette: dark green & turquoise. My girlfriend wanted them to have a darker theme than the rest of her army, kind of like a forest at night. Thus I used turquoise quite freely, especially in edge highlights for the dark green parts. I bet they'll look very nice on finished terrain bases!

Regrettably I didn't get to put them on round bases. The whole army thus far stands on squares, so the aesthetically more suitable round bases were not an option anymore... 

The same unit from behind. Blond hair is the special thing that unites this whole Wood Elf / Wanderer Aelf army, with the only exception being the Spellweaver who will get a nice fiery red hair.
The dark & turquoise theme pops up better in this pic, as the dominant colour on the models is the one on the cloaks.

She prohibited the use of gold on her models as she prefers silver, but in this unit I managed to sneak in a few golden parts. My explanation was simple: "Honey, if your knives and swords are pure and shiny steel, the guard and the pommel shouldn't be silver as it would look like I'm just a lazy painter."

For once, I got it my way.

And finally, my Ironbreakers! These are the ones I bought from the Spanish Momminiaturas, very neat (and cheap!) models after a good hour of cleanup. You can find my closer review on the models here, in one of my previous posts.

There was no command group in the box, so I lack a musician and a standard bearer. An Ironbeard champion I managed to create, though, and he's standing in the middle of the front row, distinguishable by his grey beard and a raised axe.
Perhaps I'll attach a banner on one model's back or something, or I'll just use the command group of my older metallic Ironbreakers when the need arises.

With these units finished, I'm now searching my endless hoards of models for something more to paint. Right now it looks like my desk is going to be filled with Dwarf Warriors, Sisters of the Thorn and a mighty Forest Dragon!

And who knows, there might be a new Narrative Battle Report coming up...

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